New Zeah quests

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Peterr said:
To all who had a hand in developing the new quests,

Fantastic job! If I'm perfectly honest, as a passionate lover of RuneScape's quests, I was very concerned about the quality of future quests based on what I saw in Monkey Madness 2.

However, Mod Ed and crew brilliantly captured the wit, charm, and sense of adventure I long felt in quests past many years prior. I've very little in the way of criticism - but that's even in and of itself another awesome accomplishment; that you all were able to encapsulate the aura, so to speak, in such a short two quests.

It stands on its own as something inherently exciting, so I thought it not possible, but I'm now two to three times more hype for Dragon Slayer 2. Careful there, Ed - you've set the bar VERY high!

Glad to hear you enjoyed them. I'm hoping I can add some more quests to Kourend next year.
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09-Nov-2017 12:57:20

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