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Jasey Rae
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Jasey Rae

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My favorite song has to be

This song takes me back to my early days of RS, entering and exploring Morytania for the first time. I found the Ectofuntus so fascinating. The lore in the ghost quest line is among my favorites, which makes this song pretty meaningful to me.

What I love about this song more than the nostalgia, though, is the music theory behind it! The organ sample, which is used in so many songs discovered in this area of the map, is a fantastic way to convey looming doom, as ghosts, vampyres, and werewolves inhabit this area. The mixed use of Dorian and Harmonic Minor modes is quite effective in portraying fear and questioning. I love that a synthetic theremin of sorts is used as well.

Thank you for this opportunity, Jagex! =]
(¸.•* (¸.•
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22-Nov-2017 18:22:52

Qwick Fist

Qwick Fist

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Sea Shanty 2 because it's got it's own distinct sound that sets it apart from other music in game. People know they've just entered Port Sarim if this song starts playing. Italso brings me back to my days as a F2P noob. Back in those days I was playing on a home computer and could only play a couple of hours per day after school and had no way of paying for membership but I made do.
My routine when I logged in was to go to Port Sarim, get the boat to Karamja, fish and cook an inventory of lobsters then head to the volcano to kill lesser demons and hope I get a rune med helm. Sea Shanty 2 used to play whenever I started out in Port Sarim and I used to leave it on loop because spotify didn't exist back then.
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The song that ive chosen has to be the most played song, the introduction song, thats not the only reason. It brings both good and bad memories, especially one day in class where I was sitting on my chair, away from keyboard woodcutting all the way in the back while we were studying and suddenly it would log out! Forgot to put the sound off and earphones was unplugged, so in middle of class the song played loud enough that everyone turned around while laughing their ass to see what was going on and i sat there trying to close it down, needless to say it was pretty embarrassing, but at the same time funny to think back at.Well fast forward a couple years my cousin gets really into music, so he played the same theme song for me on all kinds of instruments, guitar, piano, harmonica. and even did the pirates of Caribbean theme song as well after he came home from Texas. So thats why if we win hes definitely coming along.

Extra fun fact about my cousin. He plays an ultimate F2P iron man. Have been trying to convince him that P2P is the way and offered to give him a bond but he wants to stay in the F2P area. Maybe one day ill understand.

Rasmus and Oliver

23-Nov-2017 14:41:01



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Hello Runescape! One of the most nostalgic songs for me has the be "Flute Salad". There is no other song that reminds me better of the good ol' days when I was just another noob around Lumbrige killing cows and chicken for a bit of cash. I was too young and membership was a luxury from my parents if I was getting good grades (which, for the first 4 years of playing Runescape, did not happen). The song reminds me of how slightly richer I felt with every cow hide inventory I was collecting or stack of 100 feathers I was picking up.

It is hard to describe what role Runescape has played for me in my life, with its ups and downs. Runescape was there when I had my first girlfriend, It was there when one of my most beloved dogs died, it was there when I graduated, it was there when my parents divorced and last but not least, it was there when my fiance and I got engaged. I could write a book about how many things Runescape has thought me that were applicable in real life, of how many kinds of people I have met in this beautiful game, of how much fun I had and how much I have learned.

About 13 years later now, the young, chubby boy with not-so-good grades has achieved many of his life goals, feels happy and has a job that he is proud of, friends and family that he is grateful for and last but not least, this gem of a game for which I could not express my gratitude enough to you, Runescape Mods, Creators, CEOs, Janitors, Coders, Lawyers, etc (not listed in any order of importance).

That being said, this was one of the very few posts that I have written and may the Flute Salad be there for you as it was for me, may you all that are reading (or skipping) this post have a blast playing this amazing game and succeed into pursuing your goals and dreams!

Warm regards,

23-Nov-2017 20:44:30



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Medieval. This song brings back a lot of nostalgia from when i first started playing in around 2008. It was also the main inspiration behind one of my A-Level music compositions. I got an A*!

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Good Night15

Good Night15

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Please VOID “Honestus”’ entry. AKA “Wolf Lover”. He has recently scammed a fellow clan member (Clan; Trash PvM) in OSRS of a dragon warhammer that was lent to him for Corp. Proof has been submitted to RSJUSTICE. I will continue to follow his fourm profile a do my best to prevent him from scamming others. Prior to him borrowing, then stealing the DWH, I even gave him 20m to help him get on his feet. People like him don’t need to he apart of runescape.

25-Nov-2017 03:23:49



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Autumn Voyage pretty much encapsulates the warm feeling of coming home from a cold winter's day at secondary school to relax in my room and enjoy endless hours of the game. Even to this day, 12 years later, this track brings me the strongest feelings of nostalgia and further strengthens my love for the game. The music tracks within this glorious world really give the game a true 2007 feel, which simply cannot be replaced or contested.

27-Nov-2017 00:10:08

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I listen to Runescape Music all the time. I have been playing this game since 2004 and when my friends and I would play this game at the library in our limited time, since we didn't have computers, they used to mock me for liking Runescape music because of it's 8 bit sound. They simply did not understand. For me, there is one song that locks that in:

Crystal Sword

You know why? Because when I was first learning to PvP, this was my song. It always got my heart racing hearing this and back in the day in Varrock 1-3 wild, it was about loose alliances, making friends, and staying alive. This song to me is so powerful because it invokes all of those emotions.

A special memory this song has was an intense 3 vs. 2 battle we had on Free-to-Play back in 05', and my friend and I PK'd a guy in full Zammy, and the 5M it was worth was unfathomable to a few poor F2p pkers like us. The guy was cocky and we destroyed him with teamwork and skill, just the two of us. He didn't know what hit him. That's a memory I will keep for life and this song always brings that nostalgia forth. This song carries many more than just this, but it is one of many of the Golden Days of RS wild.

Warfare is uncertain. Crystal Sword is all about not knowing if you will die or survive the day. As the song progresses you can FEEL the intensity increase just as the battles do as you run lower on food, another player attacks you as you desperately try to stay alive.

It just captures that sense of grandeur can be yours, but all can be lost too. At the beginning, it is innocent, but progressively gets more serious and intense as though you progress deeper into the darkness of the wild.

There is nothing else like it. I share Crystal Sword all the time (RS3 too) telling people it is one of the best gaming OST's ever.

I feel that Runescape music in general is highly underestimated and needs more attention for what quality it really is and the talent it took to make it happen.

Thank you


29-Nov-2017 17:38:37

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You ask of me-
my favorite song.
I ponder this
the whole day long,
and once I ponder
I do not stop;
I simply spill to endless thoughts.

I wander through the streets of Knights
and think of all the Bandos fights;
the music pounding through the halls,
from Tree Gnome Village, to Ardougne stalls.
The login theme that blasts at night
to wake me wide awake with fright!
The Trade Parade, for banks stands long!
The Trawler minor, and Trawler song!

From slaying Elvarg,
to chicken pens
I cross one box,
the song begins.

A harder task
than owning noobs...
a favorite RuneScape song to choose!

I contemplate, but then resolve
to crown a victor over all.

And in the end my poem says...


01-Dec-2017 17:42:28

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