Vorkath & Metal Dragon Changes

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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post, which can be found here.

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Does using a normal or extended antifire potion with an antifire shield still provide full protection? Or is the only way to get full protection now to use the super antifire?
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08-Jan-2018 16:35:38

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Vorkath's inital special attack will now be randomly selected between the poison-pool and freeze attack. All other attacks will still follow the same rotation pattern

This will be intressting. I think this will make kills feel different and not feel its always the same run.

Vorkath's base defence has been lowered slightly.

Love this change, i wasted a lot of supplies on BGS specing and hitting 0-0.
I Think this change can also make melee kils easier, this will make it even more fun.

I don't see why you nerf Antifire and Extended antifire potions againt Vorkath but not Super antifire, Blowpipes is at the moment the best way to kill Vorkath even outscaling the Dragon Hunter Crossbow. I would be nice to see the Dragon hunter crossbow more usefull then blowpipe. Are there plans to nerf the blowpipe or buff the dhcb?
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These new drops are way to good. And it's way to easy now.
Examples of drops:
70 bolts and 30 crushed nests
100 rune dart tips and 500 death ruens
29 battlestaffs and 23 red d'hide

Like easy 300k + in 2 minutes.
What happened?

08-Jan-2018 16:47:47

07 Nihilist
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07 Nihilist

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Please, antifires need to work for ironmen, I would buy super antifires if i could, and that herblore level makes them out of reach for far too long.

Please revert effectiveness of antifires/extended antifire. Seriously, this isn't cool >.<

Thanks! Other than that, love DS2

08-Jan-2018 17:32:26

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Yeah I gotta agree with Erebus, 92 herblore is an insane requirement to safely do the boss on an ironman. You really should be able to get complete protection with shield+normal antifire
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08-Jan-2018 17:48:08

I Am Zodiac
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I Am Zodiac

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why were these drop changes not discussed with the community via at least twitter before going live. The market has become extremely unstable, and calculations seem to show that Vorkath is the new zulrah with players able to make 5-6m gp/hour.

It went from one extreme to another.

Personally this is the last time I'm going to trust the staff team to get these things correct. I mean we've had:
- Karamja shop
- Zulrah
- Garg's
- Brutals
- Wyverns

in the past cause huge detriment to the economy as a whole, and this still is an issue?

08-Jan-2018 18:01:23

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Drop table is waaaaay too good now, has a high chance of negatively impacting the economy, especially with certain items (tree seeds come to mind). Maybe reduce the quantity of items dropped in some cases.

EDIT: Intended to post this on my own account, Jimera0. My opinion does not necessarily reflect that of RBH as a whole or it's leadership.
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