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Vorkath's inital special attack will now be randomly selected between the poison-pool and freeze attack. All other attacks will still follow the same rotation pattern

This will be intressting. I think this will make kills feel different and not feel its always the same run.

Vorkath's base defence has been lowered slightly.

Love this change, i wasted a lot of supplies on BGS specing and hitting 0-0.
I Think this change can also make melee kils easier, this will make it even more fun.

I don't see why you nerf Antifire and Extended antifire potions againt Vorkath but not Super antifire, Blowpipes is at the moment the best way to kill Vorkath even outscaling the Dragon Hunter Crossbow. I would be nice to see the Dragon hunter crossbow more usefull then blowpipe. Are there plans to nerf the blowpipe or buff the dhcb?
Happy scaping and may the RNG be ever in your favor!

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