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Dragonbone Necklace

Great idea making it more useful but even with those changes, it won't be useful in anywhere else but chinning/barraging at MM caves for example. Sadly I don't have creative mind to bring suggestions on the matter and even these changes should make its price go up a bit more, making it a useful unique from Vorkath.

Dragonfire Ward

Interesting changes to bring its usability and value up. I haven't had a need for such item so I can't give any enlightenment towards this.

Super Antifire Potions

Nononononon. Why? You're just making dfs and its variants more and more useless. The whole idea of the 2minute timer was so you had to bring more antifires with you if you wanted to use a different item for the shield slot. You're just making it easier to camp dragons without a protective shield, and making the shields less valuable. Is this suggestion based off people crying the 2minute isn't enough for the new dragons? Cus Vorkath is killed with blowpipe which is obviously two-handed? Please no

Dragon Hunter Crossbow

This is very good. Doesn't really require much else to say. Very necessary update since some dragons are easier to kill with a 3M item rather than a 25-30M(?) ish weapon. Really good changes.

Ornament kits

Never really been a big fan of these cosmetic kits but if it adds more variety and value to making clues I suppose it's good. Besides, some people really like these cosmetic upgrades so it's not like it's away from me lol

Overall good ideas aside from the potion that gets me really confused as to why it should be even considered to get added.
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