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Brackeus Rex
Dec Member 2016

Brackeus Rex

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Dragon Hunter Crossbow

Since this weapon only has a boost against dragons 30% increase in accuracy and damage wont bad. From my side it's very appriciated. I don't want tp use the Blowpipe at Brutal Black dragons since it cuts so hard into the profit.

12-Jan-2018 23:51:38

Dec Member 2018


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I have a simple way to make dragonbone necklace useful without making it op in any way. Give it a teleport to Vorkath with 10 charges that you recharge with superior dragon bones. It wouldn't be drastically different from current teleports but would be enough of an efficiency improvement to make the necklace a must have. I really think its the perfect use for it.

12-Jan-2018 23:53:25

Aug Member 2018


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hey jagex moderators, we both know your game is running out of idea(not talking about content but more about reward), like honestly, whats going to be the next rewards for the many years to come for runescape ? Its a waste of ressource to create useless items just to call it a <<reward>> . Just take a look at how many items called ''dragon'' you guys have been made.. Players are asking to not add overpowered items to the game but in the other hand they dont care about unpowered items, it must be really difficult for jagex when it comes to rewards. I'd appreciate if I get a reply from jmod on that problem that jagex has to think about for the longevity of the game.

Also adding better weapons to the game will result in a huge decrease for the actual best used weapons, armadyl godsword (one of the best melee weapong in the game) is already getting really cheap just like every other weapon and I can imagine it decrease even more in a state where most of the players will have BIS gear/weapon with a little money, just like in rs3 where half of the playerbase are maxed...

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When everything is overpowered nothing is overpowered, this is how you achive perfect balance. if you nerf blowpipe thats only going to crash while people will move onto cheaper methods like melee with hasta which is not that bad an option for vorkath. long as pipe is a 1 trick wep with insane damage it will remain bis for anything you range that has simi low defense. but ofc it comes at huge cost zulrah scales 165 each darts can be anywhere from 30gp for mith to 3.2k for dragon with addy being 160 which is for the budget killing. i think this buff coming to dhc will beat out blow pipe, esp if it stacks with void and salve ei. with dragon bolt diamond E + bgs specs or dwh specs you are gonna eat that dragon alive. an the walk method will be useless.

13-Jan-2018 08:01:26

Limp Sausage
Feb Member 2018

Limp Sausage

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Dragon Hunter Crossbow:

The damage and accuracy bonus of 30% should only be applied while BOTH of the following conditions are true.

The user is fighting any type of dragon or Vorkath. (Brutals are debatable). Normal Dragons maybe 20-25% damage and accuracy.
Metal Dragons and Vorkath would gain the full 30%.
Do not stack with ruby bolts special of any variant.

The user must ALSO be using the new DRAGON Bolts with the dragon hunter crossbow to receive the damage + accuracy bonus.
(Any variant of the bolts)

This should help to keep the bolts in high demand as well as the price of the dragon hunter crossbow. I understand the blowpipe is a lvl 75 ranged weapon compared to the level 60 for the DHCB. Maybe the levels should be switched? Either lowering the blowpipes required level and damage, OR increasing the required range level of the DHCB to 75-77.

The blowpipe also needs a serious nerf but thats a whole nother topic up along with tick manipulation, pray flicking, and other areas of the game that are in need of a serious nerf/fix.

In my opinion I don't like how you designed a high level pvm boss that was completely underwhelming for drops considering it was locked behind a "grandmaster" quest. Vorkaths table had to be buffed and still is less valuable then the money snake. Couple that with high level players farming the boss with under 2 minute kills (With blowpipe) using little to no supplies. I am not saying the boss needs to be the best money maker but it should be rewarding enough to kill considering the high requirements.

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