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Limp Sausage
Feb Member 2018

Limp Sausage

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DragonBone Necklace:

First, To make the argument that some people use it at the mm2 tunnels is a logical falasy. While there may be a very select few people "testing" it out, that does not equate to a reasonable amount of people in game who are using the amulet for what it was designed for. Hence why its coming up in a poll by the team to make it more used by players to avoid it being another piece of dead content.

An idea to make it better would be to rework it completely in my opinion. I cant think of adding much to it that would make it usable in any situation. Here's an idea though.

Give it a +10 Prayer Bonus
(I think 12 would be too high.)

Burying a Dragon Bone restores prayer points depending on the bone buried.
(I am not sure of the restore rates but maybe give this a small buff as well.)
Remove the 50% prayer point reduction on equip.

Add a passive effect that gives you a bonus when fighting dragons. Maybe a 50% chance on kill to obtain double dragon bones or double hides drop when fighting a dragon.

I like the idea that someone suggested of making it purely a defensive amulet but oldschool runescape is more focused on offensive and max dps. 95% of players for any situation/encounter will always pick the gear or armor with the highest offensive bonuses compared to defensive ones. It's why so many people wear bandos compared to barrows even though barrows it much higher defensive stats. There is no real tank setup/use except in a very few scenarios such as a group gwd. The bulwark failed miserably.

I don't think we need another high end amulet with crazy stats. We do have the Zenyte jewelry which I believe is up in the 90's level requirement to make.

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iMaster Mike
Jul Member 2017

iMaster Mike

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Dragonbone Necklace

I LOVE the idea of changing the Dragonbone Necklace and turning it into a BIS blessing. It would be called Dragonbone Blessing.

The Dragonbone Blessing would give:

+1/+2 Prayer bonus

Remove the 50% prayer point reduction on equip.

Change the required prayer level from 80 to 70

Acts as a Holy wrench when using the item on the Dragonbone blessing

1 prayer point restore for bones

2 prayer points for big bones

3 prayer points for baby dragon bones

4 prayer points for dragon and dagannoth bones

5 prayer points for Superior dragon bones

Let me know what you think. Not everything I suggested has to go through, I was just thinking of different possibilities to improve the Dragonbone Necklace so more players would use the item.

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Cyanic Wolf
Apr Member 2013

Cyanic Wolf

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While on the subject of Barbarian Assault, would it be possible to also include this
minigame's hiscores
as well please as an update? It would motivate me highly to go and play it again :)

13-Jan-2018 23:34:31

Sir Jinhai
Dec Member 2014

Sir Jinhai

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About Dragonbone Necklace

Here is my idea for it for better.

Has imbued with Bonecrusher (Elite Version) for 500k Nightmare Zone also gives +12 prayer bonus also works with holy wench effects for addition +1 prayer points return.

So Dragonbone Necklace (i) can automatic buried bones with Ring of the Gods (i) a great combo.

My reason picking 500k Nightmare Zone because the high requirement for getting an elite version of Bonecrusher.

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Jul Member 2018


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Were is the rev cave drop table update, this shouldnt even need a poll as they was already polled to drop alot more gp per hour than they do now and pls make them weaker to melee or something so we can see something other than blow pipes there.

14-Jan-2018 00:43:09

Warrior foe
Nov Member 2018

Warrior foe

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I wanted to comment on the quality of life updates that you guys announced at the beginning of your post for the month of February. My suggestion is about the banner-wielding goblin from the bandos section of the god wars dungeon. Currently, this particular goblin retreats from you whenever you try to attack him. Could this be fixed? It's particularly annoying to have to run after this goblin when you've just been drained of your run energy coming into the dungeon.

14-Jan-2018 04:00:55

Lord Leijona
Mar Gold Premier Club Member 2015

Lord Leijona

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About the super antifires:

- at kbd they dont make any difference

- at vorkath it reduces damage from 20 to 0. It allready lasts 1 whole kill. You can easily do kills with much cheaper normal antifires.

- biggest difference is at metal and chromatic dragons, dont need shield anymore for a small cost

Makin the potion last longer DOES NOT MAKE IT MORE USEFULL. It only makes it cheaper to use where u allready use it. (its allready only 75k gp/h!!)
If you want to make it more usefull, it has to do more at kbd / vorkath. Im going to vote no making potion last longer and for extended version.

14-Jan-2018 07:31:11

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