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"In order to improve the Chompy bird hunting experience, should a left-click option be added to Swamp gas bubbles, allowing players begin filling Ogre bellows, should there be one in their inventory."
"In order to improve the Chompy bird hunting experience, should a left-click option be added to Swamp toads, allowing players to fill them with Swamp gas from any filled Ogre bellows in their inventory?"
This isn't "improving" the chompy hunting experience, this is turning it into braindead left click garbage content. The whole fun of hunting chompies now are actually the bad mechanics. They make it challenging and engaging and that's what makes it enjoyable. Making it all just boring left clicking is catering to the people who don't want to do chompies at all but feel forced to do so because you, Jagex, decided to make it a requirement for achievement diaries.

"Should the rewards from Champions' Challenge be improved by offering an XP lamp that provides 10x the standard XP normally received for each Champion slain? Players that have previously completed any of the challenges will be able to redeem the XP lamp by talking to an NPC."
There's absolutely no need to do this. It's already popular amongst the people who are actually interested in completionist content. There's nothing wrong with the way it currently is, there's nothing that needs to be fixed, just leave it alone.

"Should the pet Dark core, dropped from the Corporeal beast, have a transmog option added, allowing you to turn it into a miniature version of the Corporeal beast?"
Come on, there's always gonna be people who don't like the way something looks. No need to add a million different transmogs for every pet that people might not like. Oh, and you got the capitalisation wrong, it's supposed to be Pet dark core.
- someone who went 12599 kills dry for it.

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