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@Faintk4, when Kieren developed this he said it would work for that, but I hope they can clarify the question to know whether it would affect other areas, like what you specified.

My Notes:
'greyed out special attack bar' - I'd prefer this to be toggleable, although, I'd probably vote yes regardless.

'Dragon hunter crossbow range be increased to match Armadyl crossbow' - This is most definitely a buff, but partly QoL. I've seen someone mention separating these questions on the poll to make them clear that they are also buffs. I'd say it's an appropriate buff, so I would vote yes - just needs to be clarified that it's a buff.

'xp lamp from Champion challenge that's 10x what it was before' - I'll probably vote no for this. I understand it's meant to make it a tad bit more worthwhile or maybe more appealing, but I don't think it's necessary.

'retrieval services take money from bank' - This is definitely QoL, but I kind of like that it's a pain currently when you die and have to grab 100k from the bank before heading back. I'll vote no, but it's going to pass.

'Upgrade trident with 10 tentacles' - Please separate the upgraded trident and 10 tentacle payment so that they aren't in the same question. Upgraded trident is totally QoL, but the payment of 10 tentacles is just a silly and poor way of making them worth something. If there must be a payment then uncharged tridents would make much more sense.

The rest are either a definite yes or iffy (two are still iffy for me).

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