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STAFF OF LIGHT HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and my brother were talkign the other day about how we wish the staff of light was in the game instead of the staff of the dead. SoL was so cool.

I have 2 suggestions for future polls.

1- Add the ability to mount a burning amulet in a glory spot. / other amulets for teleportation. Technically could gold sink a bit when people make more quest halls. / make it in other house spots, just please not super high construction req. Its only low tier jewelry.

2 for pvp poll- Nerf d spearing and ancient mace for team smiting. The combo is way too good, ruins multicombat pvp because giant teams can possibly smite you for ags+ just by abusing mechanics with large players numbers. Isnt really fair. I should be able to swig p pots to my death and not get smited or be bad and get smited normally. Not this abusive d spear ancient mace crap getting smited at full pray.

kinda 3 but I dont expect this soon. A fun pvp minigame similar to soul wars/ stealing creation that gives good xp so people play it. We need a fun minigame that people play for xp gains in oldschool as a bonus activity to grinding, bossing, pvp and so on.

Good work has been done, keep it up the good stuff :D

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Mod Ayiza

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faintk4 said:
"Poll Question
Should we add XP drop indicators for those with 200m XP in stats? This will not provide any further experience, but would allow players to see how much experience they would have gained, if they were able to receive more."

Can this include xp drops for ironmen? It would be nice when pking with friends or antipking when wildy bossing.

We're going to try and include this as part of the PvP week I believe. It's a bit more of a fickle to get done for ironmen I'm told

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Great Dragon
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looks good, but honestly stop messing with raids and focus on raids 2, i raided from january 5th to the 31st and only got 2 arcanes. this game seriously is robbing me.

did you guys nerf raids over time secretly or something? my first 400 raids i got some loot, here and there, split all my drops so i never got crazy rich.. but let me ask you if you can throw some raid point loot poll in your next qol please. because ...

how is it possible to do 400+ more raids and only get 2 arcanes... i work hard, i play by the rules, i spend whole days raiding and i get NOTHING. now im nearly 900 kc and have almost nothing to show for it. yet noobs or people with 11k points get all the freaking loot... i end raids with 25k-40k points and yet people who die 3 times and have like 9k points get all the loot??
do you guys even play your own game when your releasing stuff.. you say"more likely to recieve a drop if one is dropped if you have higher points its more skewed towards you getting it" yet every single time an item is dropped i always get sniped by some low level or someone who has half the points i do... who tested it. who sat down and did 1000 raids, and actually tested this system you have currently in place.. seriously tell me who.

awesome system you have going on in raids. do you know how many hours it took to do 900 raids... how much time im investing in this "game" and this is all i get for my loyalty.
try and balance that before comming out with new stuff

all the years i played runescape i never been this dry for anything.. i killed over 17,000+ shamens, got 3 dwh, so it really was 1/5k chance. kill thousands of corp, get no ely, do nearly 1000 raids and get no t bows or any good loot besides d sword and arcane.. thanks alot.

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....Why would you remove the dhcb question from the poll just because a few people complained and said it'd be OP? Isn't the whole point of polls to let the community decide these things, not just a few loud voices?
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31-Jan-2018 14:26:30

Warlord Sage
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Warlord Sage

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these new j mods so soft suggesting easy and easier quality poll to satisfy little noobs that suck at game, pathetic... cant wait for game to die again because of your useless ideas that make game easier and could be easier than EOC by 2020

31-Jan-2018 17:02:50

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I think a fair chunk of the proposed suggestions are just plain nerfs rather than QOL updates?

Peek options and special attack orb, sure. But nerfing shamans, Vet'ion, etc...why?
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31-Jan-2018 17:18:32

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Great QOL poll! A lot of good areas covered such as solo raiding, completionist content, aesthetic fixes and yes some actual QOL aspects like left clicks, peeks, and prioritization (dag bones over dag hides)!

A lot of these other comments are just personal complaints, and clearly dont represent the community opinions. Everything is currently passing above 85%. Personally I am looking forward to the new special attack orb and the Corp Pet toggle (not sure why it ever was the core to begin with).

However, changing the way bosses deal damage isn't exactly quality of life. And there should be a tinderbox spawn as well as a bronze axe, if that is implemented.

31-Jan-2018 17:27:11

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