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LlMEWlRE said:
And there should be a tinderbox spawn as well as a bronze axe, if that is implemented.
There already is one?
I could brag about my achievements down here, I just choose not to

31-Jan-2018 17:32:00

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Elite Wyvern

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ShaunDreclin said:
....Why would you remove the dhcb question from the poll just because a few people complained and said it'd be OP? Isn't the whole point of polls to let the community decide these things, not just a few loud voices?

I agree I asked Mod Ash for this on twitter and got my hopes up for nothing.

01-Feb-2018 08:32:39

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Removing the dhcb question from the poll is just sad... Basicly you just listen the baby cry who cant offer it. 2 the bow come in a raid it should be better then acb and overall better vs blowpipe when you go for dragon. 3. Maybe poll a special attack for dhcb..

01-Feb-2018 15:13:28 - Last edited on 01-Feb-2018 15:15:35 by Punition

Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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Thread no longer stickied due to the poll being live in-game.

The thread for Skilling week will be opened on Monday 5th February.

02-Feb-2018 09:37:40 - Last edited on 02-Feb-2018 10:15:15 by Mod Ayiza



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The staff of light should also have benefit of slowing down prayer drain by 30-40%
for like 3-4 minutes. And should take full special attack bar, considering it will be saradomin item!

That way it isn't purely cosmetic apart from being able to autocast saradomin strike.

06-Feb-2018 17:37:55

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