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Was my list of suggestions seen? Guessing not since I posted it just hours before the blog went up :|. It's at the bottom of page 17 in the "February QoL Month" forum thread.

05-Feb-2018 21:32:43

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Since you guys are already updating the tool leprechaun and the guardian mummy to use noted artifacts, could you also poll using noted compost on the tool leprechaun to store it? Could you also make it so this would apply to plant cures? Assuming you can store more than 1 at a time and it passes the poll.
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05-Feb-2018 21:37:41

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Please make it so the rotate camera with middle mouse button feature works while control or shift keys are held down. Currently it is impossible to use while sticky keys (ctrl or shift) are active, rendering it useless for mousekeys users.

Another possiblility, though much less important, would be allowing the ability to type ingame also while these keys are pressed down. Both these reasons are why many used ahk before it was banned, because it provided a similar functionality to mousekeys, but you could type and rotate the camera with the mouse while using it.

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Being able to store noted items in the tool leprechaun would be nice to go along with the ability for it to hold more compost. I'm not growing up, I'm just burning out.

05-Feb-2018 22:55:01

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There is an updated version of the blog available.


- Changed the wording regarding the dialogue when attacking a monster you do not have assigned as a Slayer task. This will also apply to areas outside of the Stronghold Slayer Cave.
- Added a question regarding the ability to reset Box traps from the ground.
- Added further wording to the "Collect" option on the compost bin stating the speed of using buckets on the bin manually would not be affected.
- Added detail to clarify that Raw karambwanji are used as bait to catch Raw karambwan.

06-Feb-2018 11:31:10



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The ability to remove stuff out of containers such as gem and coal bag should be made available to strawberry baskets too. It is extremely tedious to remove them one by one. It would fit the skilling theme; they are farmin gproducts, rigth? (Although the main benefit would be PvM.)

06-Feb-2018 13:04:08



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Looks good.

But please add the ability to add silver jewelry to player houses. So like burning amulet could go in a glory spot. Would be awesome. You could make it higher con level but please not too high, then it wouldn't be worth it.

06-Feb-2018 18:35:01

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