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BioMasterZap said:
For the integrity changes, could the Freeze/Auto-Relatiate thing also be looked at for PvM? More so the spamming your text box part. Also, could the Chinchompa thing be extended to all Chinchompas in combat?

However, for the Looting Bag don't make it drop contents on destroy; this can be abused to "empty" a looting bag outside of banks for more food or such. Instead, make it so you cannot destroy it while in combat like you are for chins.

I would love this but this is probably Web team work which is quite hard because OSRS has nobody in that team. Only RS3 web Mods sometimes help us.

But in the future we HOPE for this update. Also Minigames in general should be a bit reworked :)

12-Feb-2018 20:23:14

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