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Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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Netcat said:
The unpolled stuff sounds good

How would the gmaul work in regards to stacking it with an ags if it passed? This needs to be clarified before the poll goes out

Kinda sad loot glitching is getting ignored again. Same goes for the problem of unskullers not risking anything in BH (they shouldn't get emblem drops)

There would be a single game cycle delay when using the AGS spec into the GMaul

13-Feb-2018 11:57:07

Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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BioMasterZap said:
For the integrity changes, could the Freeze/Auto-Relatiate thing also be looked at for PvM? More so the spamming your text box part. Also, could the Chinchompa thing be extended to all Chinchompas in combat?

However, for the Looting Bag don't make it drop contents on destroy; this can be abused to "empty" a looting bag outside of banks for more food or such. Instead, make it so you cannot destroy it while in combat like you are for chins.

The changes to Auto Retaliate would apply to both PvM and PvP situations I believe.

In regards to the Looting bag, I understand the same food rules that exist currently would apply.

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