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Mod Sween

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TanK T3sT said:
Im with Dynamic lol. Any news on when we might be getting the new F2P PVP world????

It hasn't been forgotten about, there's still a few other QoL month updates to be delivered, don't fret. We expect to have a number of new worlds made available to us in the coming weeks.
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12-Mar-2018 12:11:31

Lord Helsing

Lord Helsing

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Great PVP changes BUT

you guys forgot to add the ability for players to PJ off non-boss npc combat!

That's like the most important thing for making the wilderness dangerous.

You see a player training on spiders, but you will NEVER be able to attack him because either he gets attacked by a spider or you do (in single combat). Eventually, spiders stop attacking him and he logs out since they're still aggressive to you (he was there first). Or he just runs through aggressive mobs to safety.

Jagex please, allow us to PJ off npcs (and ignore npcs attacking us) when targeting a player. You guys already do something similar in BH, do a simpler version for the rest of the wilderness!!

06-Nov-2018 16:58:03

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