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Stay Frosty
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Stay Frosty

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Can we see an xp difference for when ice barrage splashes and hits a 0? Currently, a 0 Hit does freeze the target while a splash does not. Having an xp difference will help know if the enemy got frozen or not.

The same thing happened to teleblock, and is now getting polled for entangle. So why not ice barrage?
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12-Feb-2018 21:58:13

Hans Buck

Hans Buck

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Nty to the Chins, Votin no to that, I love releasing my chins when that pesky pker attacks me , I still lose enough and pkers gain enough from people who dont release, and most of them are toxic af, vote NO! If they want chins from me, they better get the hunter lvl and do that shit themselves. #MommysCC

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Would it be possible to allow obtaining of multiple Looting bags but can only use 1 in the Wilderness?
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13-Feb-2018 02:19:33

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Not being able to release chins or looting bag will give a lot more power to PKers and for many like me will make wilderness content even less enjoyable and many will stop going there. If they have the option/satisfaction of killing me I should have the option and satisfaction of discarding at least some of my loot if they are not able to kill me before I run out of food as this is when most people release chins.

From an ironman perspective(which nobody cares about) the cooldown timer on PVP teleports will make construction and the worst part of it(making planks) longer and more of a bore, not to mention we recently got shafted when the mahogany planks from zulrah got changed into logs.

Everything else seems good or I can't comment on because I have no proper knowledge, though I love seeing BH and PVP world improvements since they seem like the healthiest aspects of PVP in this game( unlike the wilderness :@ )

13-Feb-2018 02:21:11

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I think the gmaul change is a terrible update. The ags-gmaul, claw gmaul or any combo including the maul is a crucial k0 potential for PvP. Making a tick delay allows players to get melee overheads up inbetween the two hits. I dont think the mods pk much, but its extremely hard to get a k0 kill with a huge stack (on anything other than a pure). The instant gmaul spec is part of the game and adds to the RNG and luck part of it. Which is a good thing. The numbers we hit is based on an RNG system and kills are based off of both skill and partial luck because of it. We like that luck factor. The instant gmaul spec is not an issue.

13-Feb-2018 04:50:26

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13-Feb-2018 04:50:27

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Why would i want to release chins in none combat, Just remove release chins now, This was just to make both sides happy.

and i dedicate this poll for P * S*** ( cant write full name)
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13-Feb-2018 06:36:44

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The gmaul is virtually worthless at the moment, going for just 30k. They have been flooded into the market by garg alts. Please incorporate some kind of sink for them.

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