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I’m understand that F2P is not a priority for you however quite a few people while are members pk in F2P and I am surprised of the lack of updates to the F2P game. I mean one poll question to add another world ? Cmon guys let’s get some small content changes

Such as

Split bark armour for F2P mages
Snare to be used in F2P
Removal the half splash for the bind when praying mage or implement the above
Teleblock in F2P

Just a couple of small ideas

Anyways all for the F2P PvP world!

13-Feb-2018 07:51:14

Phant0m Hawk

Phant0m Hawk

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Having the content of looting bags appear instantly may be abused by pkers to get extra food. as previously mentioned.

Poll Question #10 clarification Does this also apply in the wilderness when you can't attack a player anymore due to a difference in combat. (This may be abused to force unfair fights or by PJers)

As for not being able to release the black chinchompas in in combat. This should only apply when your frozen. This would reward skillful play, and discourage low risk and 1 itemers from disrupting the hunters. (They are not going to get the loot anyway, why make it less rewarding for those who try) Encourage the hunters to risk a decent about of chinchompas

13-Feb-2018 08:51:22



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While your looking at the code for changing black chinchompas. Is it possible to fix this bug, which allows the player to keep all their black chinchompas on death, or at least get some clarification as to why it can or can not be fixed.

I have a screenshot and video of the bug for context.

13-Feb-2018 09:05:42

Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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Netcat said:
The unpolled stuff sounds good

How would the gmaul work in regards to stacking it with an ags if it passed? This needs to be clarified before the poll goes out

Kinda sad loot glitching is getting ignored again. Same goes for the problem of unskullers not risking anything in BH (they shouldn't get emblem drops)

There would be a single game cycle delay when using the AGS spec into the GMaul

13-Feb-2018 11:57:07

Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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BioMasterZap said:
For the integrity changes, could the Freeze/Auto-Relatiate thing also be looked at for PvM? More so the spamming your text box part. Also, could the Chinchompa thing be extended to all Chinchompas in combat?

However, for the Looting Bag don't make it drop contents on destroy; this can be abused to "empty" a looting bag outside of banks for more food or such. Instead, make it so you cannot destroy it while in combat like you are for chins.

The changes to Auto Retaliate would apply to both PvM and PvP situations I believe.

In regards to the Looting bag, I understand the same food rules that exist currently would apply.

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Here's a fantastic idea. Let's fix the broken system clans use to smite people's plus one items. I find it extremely frustrating that I can have 35 hp and 82/82 prayer points but a clan can manage to do more than 35 damage by using a dragon spear to delay the attack so that they can stack more than my amount of health to drain my prayer to 0.

I completely understand the concept of if you bring it in the wilderness, be prepared to lose it. But cheating the game system to do it is pretty pathetic, and it is shameful that Jagex has yet to fix this problem after so many people have lost there valuable items from this.

13-Feb-2018 17:34:41

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