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There needs to be an automatic skull when entering the rev caves. However, my only concern about this would be macing. Clans themselves would mainly focus on getting +1s because of the auto-skull factor. So, in my opinion, this is best:

When entering one of the revenant cave entrance(s) a warning sign SHOULD pop up with the message indicating that if entering further, would receive an automatic skull due to risk vs reward that the caves offer.
* the warning sign can be 'removed' if a player were to check it "yes, and don't ask again"

In regards to +1s and ancient maces, the ancient mace should be dealt with regarding the cave's auto-skull feature. My clan and all other well-organized clans do 'mace trips' in which we seek out a valuable plus one, by either skull tricking a player or scouting a skulled player with, for example, Dragon claws. 20 people is all it takes to do a proper mace trip with a high success ratio.

Whether by nerfing the maces themselves
Prohibiting Maces from being brought into the cave

As much as i hate to say, macing is great..but when that's all clans are going for is not good for the pvp clanning community.
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14-Feb-2018 16:53:40



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SwordAOnline said:
Here's a fantastic idea. Let's fix the broken system clans use to smite people's plus one items. I find it extremely frustrating that I can have 35 hp and 82/82 prayer points but a clan can manage to do more than 35 damage by using a dragon spear to delay the attack so that they can stack more than my amount of health to drain my prayer to 0.

I completely understand the concept of if you bring it in the wilderness, be prepared to lose it. But cheating the game system to do it is pretty pathetic, and it is shameful that Jagex has yet to fix this problem after so many people have lost there valuable items from this.

This. Pls Jagex, this completely ruins multi pvp.

And another possible g maul nerf would be to make it 55% spec. Then it wont be a all in attempt to 1 shot rng people but can still be stacked with something.

14-Feb-2018 18:02:05

OS u mad bro

OS u mad bro

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Totally not a fan of the black chinchompa change. I know that wildy is a risky place, but it should be able to do some skilling in wildy without a big risk. Pk'ers will almost always win a fight against a skiller (abyss,mining,hunter) because they are ofcourse prepared for a fight. I don't understand why an unfair fight should bring alot of loot to pk'ers, while usually they don't risk much gp too ( usually 1-itemming, danger of smiting ).
If pk'ers want to make profit they should join bounty-hunter worlds, PvP worlds or Wildy PK worlds, where pk'ers meet pk'ers.

If ManU wins an cup game against a lower team, they don't get the same bonus as winning the champion's league. Why give PK'ers the bonus to win against skillers instead of other PK'ers.
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15-Feb-2018 12:36:33

DJ Nintendo
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DJ Nintendo

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the 50/50 split on the Gmaul clearly indicates there is a problem with it.

Even if it fails (which it will, almost all pkers abuse the gmaul), there should for sure be a look to a way to make it not a special attack that you throw at the end of an AGS spec.

15-Feb-2018 21:24:04

DJ Nintendo
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DJ Nintendo

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Mod Ayiza said:

There would be a single game cycle delay when using the AGS spec into the GMaul

There is a 50/50 split. What is the rule on repolling another middle ground option?

15-Feb-2018 21:26:31 - Last edited on 15-Feb-2018 21:27:02 by DJ Nintendo



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RIP black chin prices, due to more supply coming into the game from people not being able to release them...the prices are undoubtably going to start to fall, probably sharply, providing less incentive to use the content.

This makes the second time buffs to standard binds were polled. If you want to buff standards...then how about improving something that actually needs it? The curse spells are hilariously bad..

The change to ice barrage is also completely unnecessary. I've dealt with it myself and I've never considered it as a problem. Better mages uses it to try to get the opponent off their attack rhythm, adding more strategic value to the spell. Competent opponents knows how to deal with it. It should stay that way. The change to auto retaliate would kill this use.
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Dr Mann
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Dr Mann

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question #13 is undoubtedly the largest change proposed by the PvP QoL updates. Everyone who PKs knows the gmaul needs a nerf, but why would they make it delay after other spec weapons too, gutting the weapon entirely? IT MAKES 0 SENSE.

1 of 3 scenarios are what I can imagine for the subject of why. The first being Jagex is actually stupid and somehow thought anyone would want this rather than everything minus what the changelog actually specified (delay after other spec weps). The second is Jagex is going to make gmaul changes regardless of the poll (like the void nerf) and just wants an honest read on what people want. The third option and MOST LIKELY is Jagex threw in a poll that would obviously fail so they wouldn't have to make any changes other than some simple fixes to the pj timer and the target system.

I was hearing talk they would change huge issues like PID and nerf gmaul unpolled because they would work with real pkers who know what they are talking about. Any pker would have shot down this gmaul poll.

I don't want to quit runescape but I have never been more discouraged after making a pure and discovering how bad the gmaul is for lower levels, I still thought it was op on my 70 defense med.

Please tweak the poll, or something, Jagex.

16-Feb-2018 13:51:19

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