Revenant Caves: Hotfix

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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post, which can be found here.

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Last time Revs died was cuz high risk no rewards, now it high risk high rewards. So if u wanna turn it into a dead content again please continue like this and u will achiev it within a month. Congratulations. And yea why dont u put pvp armors back in the game so we get overpowered hits and torva armour for the bonus hp so u dont get insta k0ed. o yea please put rs3 graphics too.

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You people must be crazy or on another planet with this update again.. it was fine as it was ... now u guys are removing cannon, thats one way of showing the briliance in this... a reason a player was using a cannon maybe it was to out hit a lvl 126 with eldermaul so now how will a pure outhit a 126 ... removing less onyx bolts tips briliant !! Anyways continue on making changes might as well just cow hides as drops.. ridiculous

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loool I'm so happy. I literally have trained non stop past week for 75 range for BP. I got it and still couldn't get kills really. I still made nice money. I brought the cannon out this morning and made 6m next thing you have stopped cannons and lowered drops. :D

I'm cool with that I made my mini bank, and now I wont go there again. Rev caves was so good money it was pointless doing anything else I was hooked now I can go back to my ps4 lol

Ok just to note:

I have since been the rev caves and LOL I know you got a nerf but come on you have super nerfed them. 10 kills only 1 dropped anything decent and it was 17k worth of dragonbolt tips lol.

IDC about the drops tbh I'm just more happy that pkers little run has now ended. PVMers wont go there now unless its for tasks, so you pvpers can stick to fighting each other and ya small risks :D

Good day

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fucked up again.. the cash per hour is around 2m ... this because so many people are killing revenants ! also pkers kill you for your loot .. the loot is now 1m or less an hour now i don't feel like going revs anymore thanks

21-Feb-2018 13:06:30

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