Old School's 5th Birthday

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Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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R00N Dragons said:
Players are no longer forced to re-attack the Sire immediately after waking it, as the attack they'd be prompted to use was frequently an unhelpful one
clarification please? what does that mean

When you first attacked the Sire, and it woke up, the game used to act like you'd clicked on it again. This was originally intended to help you continue attacking the new form of the NPC. However, as players more commonly wake up the Sire by manually casting Ancients on it to insta-stun it, they didn't want to be treated like they'd clicked on it again.

smoke 247 said:
thanks for kicking me and my men out of our raid when olm was 20% health and making me go dry for 2 months with nothing but d swords and arcanes.

I'm sorry your raid got interrupted by the game update. We actually put a warning in the game to remind people that Thursday mornings are a common time for reboots, though perhaps it wasn't enough for you.
I'm also sorry you haven't got the loot you want lately, though ultimately it's down to players to rack up more points to increase their chance of getting loot, and you are not guaranteed the best monster rewards just for being a legitimate player.

Benvil said:
Champions challenge lamps didn't make it in this week either?

I did the code for that one, but it's not passed through testing yet. It was a bigger job than it sounds.

Kamana said:
Please revert back to the buffed revs drop table!!!!
Just LOOK at the forums!!! The MAJORITY are upset, and want it back!!

You'll appreciate we made the decision based on actual data for how much wealth/resources they were bringing in before, not based on how many people were previously calling them OP... and we'll make any further changes to them based on how much they're bringing in now, not based on how many people demand the excessive loot back. Sorry.

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Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Suxup said:
on the left click option with the compost bins, will it automatically use the volcanic ash if in our inventory?

It just takes the compost. If you want to do something else, please do that first.

22-Feb-2018 12:11:50

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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It's not entirely surprising that there was a huge amount of activity in a place with loot as generous as there was before. The activity's naturally good to have, but not to the extent of ignoring any other consequences from the loot.

MythicOne said:
- Reset Shaking Box: can't you make 'reset' the first option? It's plain annoying that it's second.

Might take a bit more reworking than what was necessary for today's version, but I expect it can be done.

Ancient Fury said:
I've completed the event but the birthday emotes aren't unlocked? Please don't make me wait another year!! Is this a bug?

Maz is working on it. You'll get your Gangnam Style soon.

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