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So would the scythe be +110 or +115 slash? I see both listed RS1: 123 combat - 1648 total - 112 QP
RS2: 126 combat - 2277 total - 266 QP
RS3: 138 combat - 2717 total - 378 QP

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Even in 2018, you are still heading in wrong direction. I stopped being member for exact same reason 6 months ago. Even now you're adding new T75 gear, which have stats appropriate for a T80. I only started paying attention to this update, because previous version of this blog actually had reasonably balanced upgrades.

Previous infernal defender was fine for a T70. +8 strength bonus is daring, but it was still sensible considering the upgrade for accuracy and defense bonuses were very small. Now this defender suddenly got upgraded from T70 to T80 without actually changing requirement. You shouldn't give this defender same bigger increment (extra str bonus along with accuracy bonuses) from T60 to T70 as T40 to T60 does right now (Rune defender is also OP, compared to Adamant). Dragon defender already was preferred most of the times over DFS, because of accuracies.

And then there is the rapier, I was only fine with previous stats because it was T75, now again that rapier is more towards T80 without the actual requirement. T75 should only be a minor tier, because xp gap between 70 and 75 isn't very big. From 70 to 80 has still reasonable amount of xp inbetween.

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Cup a Soup

Cup a Soup

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Honestly I don't want the rapier to be the new Best In Slot weapon. Since it now provides better stats than the tentacle, it will be a game changer in the duel arena and other PVP areas. Either make it degradeable, or revert its stat changes.

13-Mar-2018 15:53:16

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Original message details are unavailable.
We are however looking to reduce its effectiveness in PvP situations, by removing the damage reduction effect when fighting against another player.

If you guys are able to make PvP adjustments like this to melee and range content, why not make adjustments to the Sang staff so it can be used in pvp?

• Reduce the PvP casting distance to make it more difficult-or impossible, for claw/ags combos to work with it.
• Reduce the PvP casting speed by 2 ticks OR reduce the damage (to that of the regular trident) and reduce the speed by 1 tick instead
• Make all charges drop upon death when fighting other players
OSRS Mage Tank.

Believe magic to only be for support? Think again. It's just as valid of a Pking style as melee and range is.

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Why did you buff the rapier? That's stupid. It already hits 1 above Abyssal Tentacle due to aggressive stance... plus it doesn't degrade. You are going to murder the Abyssal Whip. It's still going to be a 200m-500m+ item either way so what's the point in accelerating power creep?

Why did you buff the defender? Again, that's stupid. It already had a huge strength bonus, why are you fixing what isn't broken? The original blog was better.

Voting no to these if you do not revert the buffs. Original Blog = Thumbs up, Updated Blog = THUMBS DOWN.

Stop adding things that work differently in pvp and pvm. Balance it properly so it works the same everywhere. The armor was fine as it is. You buff the weapons yet nerf the armor? Just leave everything alone and stop listening to people that just want this game to power creep out of control.

Sincerely, a maxed player.
Long live the Wilderness. Long live risk vs reward in PVM. Long live 2006.

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After some quick calculations, Scythe of Vitur does about 32% more dps than a tentacle whip on large monsters (aka most bosses). This is similar to upgrading from an addy scimitar to a whip. It needs to be 6 ticks to be balanced. At 6 ticks, it would do about 10% more dps than the tentacle whip/dragon defender, making it very strong against any large monster. As it stands now, it is way too good. Feel free to correct me if my math is wrong or I'm misunderstanding how it works, but it sounds like you're basically averaging 1.75 times the damage of a tentacle whip in 5 ticks instead of 4 (with a slightly lower max hit because of the str bonus of 75).

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Making the infernal hilt drop on death in wilderness fights would effectively make it a tradeable item to those who cannot attain it themselves through raids or cannot be bothered to. It could be done via trust trades (which happen one way or another). I would suggest this feature be removed and leave it at the coin drop, maybe have the hilt removed from he game altogether similar to an imbued magic cape in pvp.

13-Mar-2018 21:52:59

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