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Rausfiron said:
So I don't think the pickpocketing change has been thought out all the way. What's to stop people using auto clicker from using auto clicker to move the mouse to inv after x clicks and then right click and click open all? In fact people using auto clicker probably won't even see decreased xp rates from this change. But this change does hurt us legitimate players, especially those of us without 95 thieving. Without 95 thieving we have to take food, so we will have to o pen the purses more often than higher lvls and it make us have to take more trips to the bank.

Please consider this change more before pushing this update.

I second this. The pickpockecting idea is the something that concerns me too, and the above quoted post stated what's on my mind.

On a slightly off-topic, will you (Jagex) publish the data obtained in the "Death Mechanics Survey" that you created? Would be interesting to know the public's opinions on this subject (via the survey).

16-Mar-2018 18:32:25

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