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Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Brown Horse said:
Are there any updates regarding osrs mobile yet or anything coming up very soon about it?

Should be an iOS beta soon. In fact they'd originally hoped to do it tomorrow, but it's had to be pushed back a bit due to problems with stuff like screen locking and auto-reconnecting. Plus they'd like to get more of the usability improvements - based on player feedback from the last beta round - into the next one so we can see if they help.

Teequoze said:
Like all of it just the pj timer in bounty hunter is a minus...

The previous version did indeed have a level 5 check, something you mention in your post. We would certainly be able to go back to something more like that if it's preferable for players.

Brutus-NL said:
thx for the update is there mabye anny idea to make ohter county worlds like belguim dutch polisch or driffrent worlds with country flags we got now only german and englishe worlds mabye an idea for next update or for the poll ???

The flags denote what country the servers are physically in. If we ever add hosting in other countries, we'll put flags out accordingly.

22-Mar-2018 11:38:50

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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My Journey said:
how does the corp thing work, do we get another room and will we still be able to spec it without its stats being restored?

The alternate room would act exactly like the existing non-instanced one.

22-Mar-2018 11:44:29

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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The End said:
The friends list sorting enhancements seem useful. Out of curiosity are there any plans to eventually add the Clan Chat interface (was added with Clan Camp in RS3) to OSRS?

In future, yes. Big engine job, though, and they're obviously not going to be undertaking it alongside the even bigger engine job that is Mobile.

22-Mar-2018 11:53:46

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