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Circus Ape
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Circus Ape

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This seems like a great idea, however one thing concerns me. There is nothing wrong with this but it looks just like WoW's heroic raids/mythic+ system. Those challenge modes are harder but players can expect to see better loot. Now I know it wouldn't pass to have the same items with better stats but I feel like there should be some extra reward other than cosmetic ones. Maybe increase the drop rates by a bit to account for the increased challenge?

17-Apr-2018 16:56:53

30k Vork

30k Vork

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so is Twisted Bow and Elite Void the BIS range end-goal, I feel like I really wish I could raid with my 50 cmb stats, any chance of doing what WoW did and make lesser raids for the lower-level players :)

like 10-40 low tier raids that rewards rune items, 45-70 mid tier raids that reward dragon items 75-126 high tier raids thats, well normal raids/mid-high raids?

17-Apr-2018 19:34:10

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I haven't done any raids myself, as I have only just begun to be able to appreciate the "End Game" content such as bosses recently. Now that my stats are looking good and I'm not so scared! I love the idea of this "challenge mode" and the transmog reward for the Olmet pet. I would say that it makes a lot of sense to have different time frames offering different rewards or reward potential. For example: Bronze, Silver and Gold award Times. After vigorous testing and you have a good idea of what time frame is achievable and what is outright outrageous you can adjust the rewards accordingly!

Thank you for reading.

(This is my first time discussing development on the forums, please advise me if I am not using this thread correctly.)

18-Apr-2018 09:06:19

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On the third question, why must Chambers of Xeric: Challenge Mode pass the polls in order for the cosmetic cape to pass? The cape was mentioned before anything about the new challenge mode. Maybe it's a dev thing, I have no clue but can you please provide an explanation? Thanks, looking forward to the new gaming mode if voted in by the community.
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18-Apr-2018 18:49:27

On Hiscores
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On Hiscores

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As a range tank that does not get accepted into any teams (cause of lack in kill count):

no, I have not had the chance to even successfully complete the Chambers of Xeric once.
I think the challenge mode is only going to make it even harder for me to find team mates.
Please let the update rest and give everyone the chance to master it before moving on to such updates.

18-Apr-2018 19:02:23

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Someone please tell jagex that only end game players can do this so idc about challenge mode. Simply due to the fact that's its almost impossible to find teams as it is unless got stupid levels although it can be finished at lower levels. Then challenge mode going to make it harder lol

If anything they need a raid for lower level players that gives less points so people can learn. WTF do people need a challenge mode for they are getting raids 2.


18-Apr-2018 20:05:49

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