The Moss Giant Boss: Bryophyta

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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post, which can be found here.

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Seems like this would be a good F2P boss, so I don't know if the slayer requirement to get the key is a good thing. Also moss giants are only given as a slayer task by lower level slayer masters, so only people who are sub-70 combat will be able to get the key, which makes the boss have very restricted access with the current requirements.

23-Apr-2018 17:06:58

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The one thing I think should really be considered is that you should be able to get the key off task. Maybe increased on task? But this shouldn't be the only way to get it. Vannaka is the only one who assigns them and he becomes obsolete very quickly... smart players will not even start training slayer until they have the combat level for nieve.

This will definitely be a huge factor for me, and probably others for voting yes. Aside from this seems like a fun update and I like that its a sequel to obor!

23-Apr-2018 17:15:00

a Miko
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Such an awesome opportunity to have f2p new content with possibly a new f2p BiS staff. I was really hyped about this only to see that it's p2p only. For P2P I don't see this being too much worth it. Only alchers and/or stunners might end up using the staff, if that. Please consider making it f2p and possibly nerfing the staff bonuses a bit. You're wasting an opportunity here. If you make this p2p and then later end up wanting to make f2p another boss that drops a staff of some sort, it'd be kinda pointless since there is one for p2p, no? Not only that but it's a really common f2p npc. Completionist, Quest admirer
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23-Apr-2018 17:37:11

Zelda Krazy
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I think the questions are a bit too long and have too many caveats. Most of us are going to say yes to a new boss, even a low tier one. However there's parts of the questions I do not agree with.

Having it be required to be on a slayer task will deter anyone 70 combat or higher from going to check out this new content. Maybe this is intentional?

Destroying the natures when uncharging just seems silly and unnecessary.

This wont stop me from voting yes, as even there's no slayer task requirement, I'm not going to be farming the new boss, but I'd probably go check her out at least. However, with the way the questions are asked, others may vote no simply due to all the stipulations. It also does set-up nicely as a F2P-available boss, if it didn't require slayer and sans the unique drop.

Great job to Mod Kira for all the work, especially since I believe the request for more low-tier bosses like Obor was just recently asked for in one of the last Q&As

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Mod Ayiza

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Hi All,

Just wanted to say thank you for the feedback so far.

Points to consider:
- Is the boss viable for F2P
- Can the Slayer task requirement to get a kill be removed
- Stats needed for the staff


23-Apr-2018 18:25:02



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ldldjggjg said:
Any ideas whot requirements will staff have for somebody to wear it?Combat stats?
Well my opinion is that staff should be P2p only,stats for it maybe just some mage lvl to wear(like 55magic). and use it....

23-Apr-2018 19:59:01

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