The Moss Giant Boss: Bryophyta

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a Miko

a Miko

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Such an awesome opportunity to have f2p new content with possibly a new f2p BiS staff. I was really hyped about this only to see that it's p2p only. For P2P I don't see this being too much worth it. Only alchers and/or stunners might end up using the staff, if that. Please consider making it f2p and possibly nerfing the staff bonuses a bit. You're wasting an opportunity here. If you make this p2p and then later end up wanting to make f2p another boss that drops a staff of some sort, it'd be kinda pointless since there is one for p2p, no? Not only that but it's a really common f2p npc. Completionist, Quest admirer
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23-Apr-2018 17:37:11

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