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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post, which can be found here.

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Make is so you can't get Sythe, rapier, and staff from the noob-tier TOB raids. The impact leaving these on the droptable for noob-tier raids would be super massive, even if it were to be ever so rare.
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27-Jun-2018 15:56:24

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Too many rewards from rev caves imo. No to Restraint. If you want access to teleblock, you should deal with the weaker freeze. Also, no to entry level TOB. Pretty much all of the game can be done by low level players even Raids 1. It isn't too much to ask for to have some challenging content. Even if it is substantially less rewarding, it would still devalue drops for the people that put in time training their stats and learning the mechanics as well as the money associated with dying.

27-Jun-2018 16:03:59

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I love the idea of the new revenant wepons and i woild like to wear the new 2h xbow, for the ToB i this is it good you let low lvl ppl join to but the chances of get a purple should be way harder to get i dont think they need to be removed just way harder to get them and a good mode to train (because its a pain to do nmz to get maxed) just to be able to join in the free for all to train with randoms

27-Jun-2018 16:18:23



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Entry mode anything is a bad idea for a few reasons:

1.Having high level content exclusive for high level players is what drives progression of players to get to that point.
2. The market doesnt need commodity items and god forbid unique drops from an easy mode coming into the game.
3. There is already raid content for people who are less than high level, which scales with them.
4.And lastly something developers need to remember in general, not every piece of content is for every player. A developer catering to the lowest common denominator for high level content is pretty offputting.

Can we start getting entry mode inferno/chambers of Xeric for players below 100 combat now? What about entry level skilling or god wars dungeon? Can i get entry level pvp where people bop each other with pool noodles until someone dies? Can we remove level gates from crafting skill related items so players that dont want to grind for levels can make them?

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Miu said:

Also in regards to Theatre of Blood entry mode, it would probably be better just to release a practice mode that doesn't give any loot.

If you really want an entry/practice mode do what this guy said. Hell you could even make the chests sell infinite supplies which cant be taken out of the raid, so people dont have to reset due to losing supplies. Aslong as its a practice tool, with zero rewards.

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