Theatre of Blood: Entry Mode

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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post, which can be found here.

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Joe Kerr
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Joe Kerr

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I think its a great idea, It will improve the pool of players that want to do ToB by letting them get there feet wet in Entry Mode.

My only complaint is the pet drop. I think it should drop on Entry Mode but make it ungodly rare like there is a 100x more of a chance of it dropping on the normal mode of the raid compared to Entry mode.

02-Jul-2018 18:33:02

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I think it’s fine to let people try the content, practice mechanics with less intense damage, and have fun in any group size.

But entry mode should absolutely not have any chance at ANY unique drops. That’s a load of garbage.

Let the experienced, skilled, and well geared players have a money maker. If Joe Shmo wants a drop, he better git gud, grind up his stats, and earn good gear like the 1500 players mentioned in the blog post. And any iron that got an item from entry mode wouldn’t deserve it.

Other than the unique drops, I'd love to see entry mode come to the game.

02-Jul-2018 21:28:53

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Please don't let the entry mode for Theatre of Blood have any uniques. I'm fine with people being able to practice content in a less punishing way (maybe lower death fee to 20k or get rid of the death fee entirely?) but these drops add a marginal GP/hr per person and will only devalue the drops from regular ToB by quite a bit, especially the Justiciar pieces that'll end up like Dragon Harpoon or Arcane Scroll because there's not that much demand for them.

02-Jul-2018 23:38:04

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This is a great idea that opens up the Theatre of Blood to a larger number of players, but the fact that this scaled-down raid can reward certain uniques--albeit at more rare rate-- leaves me ambivalent.

02-Jul-2018 23:49:50

Lucy HFilia
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Lucy HFilia

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I already can tell that people will disagree on unique drops. If there is going to be a death fee, there needs to be some reward from doing entry mode, but it doesn't have to come from uniques.

I think it makes sense to split the question in two. I don't want to see entry mode fail because the disagreement is coming from whether or not uniques are included. I think entry mode is a great way to get people excited about doing hard mode, so I want it to have a chance at passing.

The split can be something like 1. "Should we introduce entry mode for Theatre of Blood? -info on scaling balances for entry mode-" and the follow-up is 2. "If we introduce entry mode for Theatre of Blood, should players have a chance at getting avernic defender and justiciar armor, but at a x10 rare rate? No pet will be included on the drop table in entry mode."

I half expected all the uniques to be included in the drop table, but at the 1/32k rate. Even saying that, I think including some uniques in the drop table (albeit very rare) makes doing entry mode thrilling, too. I think the defender will retain value because loads of people will want it.

I know there's a fear that justiciar armor will be devalued too quickly. Justiciar armor is tank armor, but many players prefer armor that improves their damage per second over tank armor. Justiciar armor is likely to be devalued over time. If we were already at that point, where justiciar armor was 10m (instead of its current 200m+ value), would you be more willing to allow it to exist in the entry mode table?

We already have monsters that drop items at very rare rates that their boss counterpart drops at something like 1/200 rates. Take hellhounds and dust devils, for example. Hellhounds drop smoldering stones and dust devils drop the dragon chainbody. Ultimately, it's the boss that causes these items to be cheap, not the grind-y monsters, because people farm the boss and get loads of the items.

Consider both sides when voting!:)

03-Jul-2018 00:26:04

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I personally feel like myself and several other people just won't have enough of a good reason to do this mode. Only the worst rewards are included and 10x is insane because given average droprates something like the hilt will take 500 completions to get. Unless you are among an elite and well known group of players it will just make more sense to do something like raids 1, vorkath, zulrah, GWD, etc. People play for fun sure, but just like all the dead minigames we can see that 95% of people won't do something unless it will make it worth their while. Given the current suggestions I fear that ToB accessibility will just barely go up and the only people doing it will be the occasional noob wanting to have fun, and then still just the well known players in the community.

I would honestly love for it to just be the same system as raids 1 where solos can give you all the rewards at a good rate (which is ironman friendly btw) and if you have a team of 5 its the meta for moneymaking/completions but only by about 10%. Please consider this and thank you.

03-Jul-2018 01:45:26

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