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I'm playing OSRS mobile right now and I love all you JMods involved in this. It is as smooth as it can be on my not so powerful smartphone.

This is really incredible. 10/10 Amazing job, OSRS devs!

05-Jul-2018 14:56:46

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I just downloaded the open android beta on my Acer Chromebook R11 but i can't get it to work. All i get is a black screen and sometimes the music from the login screen, and that's it...

05-Jul-2018 15:30:27 - Last edited on 05-Jul-2018 15:33:36 by Torm

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I think I found a bug but I dont know if this is a bug of google or osrs.
Let me describe it: As I come home I wanted to download osrs-mobile (17:16 UTC+1) but I saw that I wasn t able to download it. Then i put it in my wishlist. I moved to my wishlist and I clicked on it and... I can download the game. I thought it would be blocked for more users because the newest post on the osrs-site said ,,There is an install limit which caps the number of downloads'' but the game has been installed. I even can log in.
I am happy that I can play it but i think this it not the intention.

Maybe someone can prove it?

05-Jul-2018 16:25:24

Swift Wing21
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Swift Wing21

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Long awaited the day RuneScape could be played truly mobile since around 2002 when I first played on a laptop with cellular data (at a static location, didn't do well with moving back then).

I even came back from a hiatus to prepare for the public release of mobile and as soon as it's available on iOS, I'll be getting my wife to start playing (she doesn't like the concept of being stuck at a desk or on a laptop to play a game, unless its mortal combat?? :P)

Saw the update when I woke up and downloaded immediately. It has been running very smooth with some added touch features OSRS never had (such as default 1 click to X amount within the bank).

With a 14 month old Samsung S8+, I'm averaging about 10%-15%/hr battery consumption with power save mode and blue light filter enabled and brightness set to 80%. Granted my work email is attached to the device and is likely contributing to battery drain.

Keep up the great work OSRS Devs!!!! I hope mobile can bring some other players back to the community like it did for me!

05-Jul-2018 19:12:42

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