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Horrible. Why is yet another quest the next big development in the game? 80% of the skills have been untouched for a significantly long time, we have already had enough Raids and Quests (DS2, MM2), how about we go ahead and focus on updating something else.

Secondly, why firemaking? Firemaking as already been given a significant update with Wintertodt. So many other skills out there that can be expanded upon or have new content created for them!

Lastly, the rewards are sad. I highly doubt anyone is going to vote YES to double resource gathering.

Please be sure to have this polled, as I will gladly vote no for all.


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Is there a reason why the Firemaking benefits aren't going to be similar to the Hitpoints base level boost that bonfires offered in RuneScape 2?

Moreover, why not release something akin to the Dwarf handcannon, whereby Firemaking affects its usage? Because we already have the Ballistae, perhaps it could be for a different combat style, or serve even other purposes than combat use.

03-Aug-2018 18:09:45

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Perhaps the Firemaking benefits could be similar to what RuneScape 2's Prayer renewal potions offered, or even allow for gradual Hitpoints restoration overtime (possibly restoring 1-5 Hitpoint per 15 seconds, depending on the logs used or Firemaking level, for 5 minutes or something).

I don't know exactly what to suggest, but what's currently being offered does not seem useful in any way - at least not personally, for my play style.

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Rewards aren't that good really, considering you'll have to keep adding this salt. it'll take up an inventory space and who cares to stay near a fire to get 2x energy restore if it takes up your time in game to sit near it....

Re-do it for some mid lvl content or low lvl content

The salt in the firepit for the 2x prayer exp as burying, isn't bad. But who would pick that over gilded alter and the zammy wildy alter.
UNLESS it is placed at hotspots in the game, such as below myths guild by all the dragons. Giants lair under edge/barb. etc.

Really need something with some more benefit to be used. Not just dead content plz.

The quest should be fun though, I always enjoy new quests on my ironman.

Side note:
And please already put some king of ring of runes in the game, similar to ring of wealth how it collects coins. Clicking on runes is like clickalotscape.

Dragon hasta? We have everything from dragonwarhammer, battle axe, kiteshield, crossbow, dart, etc. But no dragon hasta yet? Consider it please. Shouldn't go best stab weapons Leaf bladed sword>zammy hasta>rapier. It should have dragon hasta after leaf bladed

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Why will there be a teleport to the salt mine? There are enough teleports in the game to begin with, especially "magical" items that provide unlimited teleports.

Instead, please set up the new area such that the salt mine is reasonably accessible from a trollheim teleport, but with some agility shortcuts to speed it up (how about a zipline from the top of the mountain to be built via construction and requiring agility to use?).

03-Aug-2018 18:24:10

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Voting no to this in the poll.

Rewards are bad and the concept is silly.

The prayer reward is useless and would never be used. Guilded altar is easily accessible.

Double resourses will most certainly crush an already weak economy.

Run energy is an ok reward, but the content is still weak.

And we certainly dont need ugly fire domes all over the map

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I do have to agree that the quest rewards seem a bit lackluster. The blue fires would hardly be used, unless you're an ironman without a gilded altar in your POH. As previously suggested above by others, I would change these to HP regeneration fires (or Prayer regen), seeing as they're in combat-centric areas.

The red fires are placed in areas where a lot of running often takes place, which is great, but I have a curiosity about the duration of the fires based on log choice, as well as the area-of-effect of the fires. If you have to stand within 3 tiles of the fire, then I'd say it's pointless. More info here would be greatly appreciated.

Many of the green fires seem oddly placed, which would result in them not being used. I would vote to have the green fires at the Sorcerer's Tower and Gnome Stronghold Training Arena be moved to the Woodcutting guild, seeing as they're already boosting magic and yew logs. Remove one of the fishing fires (Burgh de Rott) and put it in the Fishing Guild. Same goes for the Mining Guild as well. Condense the fires to more populated areas, or they'll be dead content.

I really like the "unique" braziers. Negating the chilling effect at God Wars, as well as (I would assume) provide light in Lumbridge Swamp Caves are a great, albeit small addition. I propose that additional "unique" braziers be added to the following locations:

Brazier in Blast Furnace: Reduce the rate at which gold is removed from the coffer by 20% (adjustable) [Could be swapped with a red fire]

Brazier at Cave Horrors on Mos'Le Harmless: Provides light in the cave

Brazier at Wintertodt: Reduced damage/frequency of hits

I would like to see this quest introduce some long-lasting rewards, as well as some information on the duration of burning/log, as well as the radius covered by the fires.

03-Aug-2018 20:34:53

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I like the idea of this quest and adding an actual use to firemaking skill (no WT is not an use it's just a means to train it while still benefiting from it via loot etc). I love these certain specific permanent fire things like reducing/removing GWD cold effect and permanent light to lumb caves etc etc. but I feel like something more could be done with these temporary lights. Prayer xp will only be a handful by newbie ironmen for the most part. The double loot idea is interesting because it gives more reason to do skilling instead of just getting resources via pvm.

While I think it needs a "buff" or a diff benefits, I certainly hope it will never become something players will feel like a must to have. While I would certainly take benefit of these on my main and/or ironman, I wouldn't want to feel like I'm in a disadvantage if I didn't do these. There's a thin line between that and "dead content" but I'm sure something excellent will come out of this. Also please keep the current skilling requirements, don't make them too small cus not low lvl is supposed to have these benefits (and yes I have grinding to do as well for the quest). Looking forward to the poll and such
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