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I do have to agree that the quest rewards seem a bit lackluster. The blue fires would hardly be used, unless you're an ironman without a gilded altar in your POH. As previously suggested above by others, I would change these to HP regeneration fires (or Prayer regen), seeing as they're in combat-centric areas.

The red fires are placed in areas where a lot of running often takes place, which is great, but I have a curiosity about the duration of the fires based on log choice, as well as the area-of-effect of the fires. If you have to stand within 3 tiles of the fire, then I'd say it's pointless. More info here would be greatly appreciated.

Many of the green fires seem oddly placed, which would result in them not being used. I would vote to have the green fires at the Sorcerer's Tower and Gnome Stronghold Training Arena be moved to the Woodcutting guild, seeing as they're already boosting magic and yew logs. Remove one of the fishing fires (Burgh de Rott) and put it in the Fishing Guild. Same goes for the Mining Guild as well. Condense the fires to more populated areas, or they'll be dead content.

I really like the "unique" braziers. Negating the chilling effect at God Wars, as well as (I would assume) provide light in Lumbridge Swamp Caves are a great, albeit small addition. I propose that additional "unique" braziers be added to the following locations:

Brazier in Blast Furnace: Reduce the rate at which gold is removed from the coffer by 20% (adjustable) [Could be swapped with a red fire]

Brazier at Cave Horrors on Mos'Le Harmless: Provides light in the cave

Brazier at Wintertodt: Reduced damage/frequency of hits

I would like to see this quest introduce some long-lasting rewards, as well as some information on the duration of burning/log, as well as the radius covered by the fires.

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