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Rewards aren't that good really, considering you'll have to keep adding this salt. it'll take up an inventory space and who cares to stay near a fire to get 2x energy restore if it takes up your time in game to sit near it....

Re-do it for some mid lvl content or low lvl content

The salt in the firepit for the 2x prayer exp as burying, isn't bad. But who would pick that over gilded alter and the zammy wildy alter.
UNLESS it is placed at hotspots in the game, such as below myths guild by all the dragons. Giants lair under edge/barb. etc.

Really need something with some more benefit to be used. Not just dead content plz.

The quest should be fun though, I always enjoy new quests on my ironman.

Side note:
And please already put some king of ring of runes in the game, similar to ring of wealth how it collects coins. Clicking on runes is like clickalotscape.

Dragon hasta? We have everything from dragonwarhammer, battle axe, kiteshield, crossbow, dart, etc. But no dragon hasta yet? Consider it please. Shouldn't go best stab weapons Leaf bladed sword>zammy hasta>rapier. It should have dragon hasta after leaf bladed

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