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Honestly none of this seems encouraging or enjoyable. It seems slapped together in a faux attempt at making the skill useful while all it is going to inflate random things all around the game instead of making you focus on skills in an engaging way. It's not that the braziers or the quest are bad in my eyes but there's just so much, and it seems so useless taking away from the actual skills.

It has such random effects aswell, like the morytania swamp effect removal ... it just seems lazy.

Sorry, but disappointing.

13-Aug-2018 16:49:47



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My biggest gripe is that a lot of these rewards sound OP, and there are a lot of them. Maybe consider holding back on some of these ideas, expanding on them, hashing them out and releasing them in a different update unrelated to this quest?

I will give my opinion on all the poll questions:

1. Sure, a quest is great. Probably will be very entertaining.

2 . No, this is a little bit much. New herb patches should be added (if at all) in a very sparing manner. Locking new patches behind big obstacles (such as the elite Morytania tasks) is the way to go if anything. Even if you call this a 'Master' quest, it can probably be completed in a few weeks of playtime starting from a new account. Its only been a few years and you've added about as many herb patches as RS3 has in 10. Maybe a disease-free allotment patch or something.

3. Maybe a teleport to the area but no, not herblore patch motivated. And man, now you're making it easy to teleport to this new disease-free patch? Look at RS3 - they locked the teleport to trollheim herb patch behind a very high level requirement which was a good move imo.

-- For all pemanent braziers, make a firemaking requirement that scales with the utility of the brazier. 66 firemaking can be done in no time at all and is far too low for these very nice rewards---
4. Okay

5. Too low-level construction requirement imo

6. Okay

7. Okay

8. Okay

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--- All the stamina pits sound like RS3 musicians. Musician-equivalents should be locked behind something with a continuing cost. I believe this has been said in many Q&A sessions. I think the log cost you mention should be increased considerably. ----
9. No - too OP especially since blood/soul RCers are lazy enough as is. Don't reward them even more.

10. No - way too OP because cosmics are usually crafted at the lower levels so this would probably boost their xp a lot.

11. Little bit OP.

12. Little bit OP.

13.. Quite OP

14. idk, never used the content

15. Whats the point.

Okay to the prayer pits but they do sound a bit lazy as other people in this forum have mentioned.
Okay to all skilling firepits, but these also sound a bit lazy. Maybe consider revisiting how some of these resources are gathered and make gathering them more engaging than click & wait. Something like the minnows update was a step in the right direction.

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Jagex, please don't turn Old School Runescape into Runescape 3. I just started playing again and I took a vote at the poll booth. The questions that we polled seems like we are creating bon-fires for Old School Runescape. We might as well add the Summoning skill while we are at it....

15-Aug-2018 23:39:40

Sei Asagiri
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Sei Asagiri

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I think the idea for the stamina boosts around the rc altars that aren't always used in abyss (like law through balloon and duel ring, astral, and cosmic) are great, but community seems to dislike it. This disappoints me, as this skill has long needed some love (and before you suggest "add back in that one rcing mini-game" I shouldn't need to do a minigame to validate an entire skill *coughfmingcough*).

Given I'm assuming none of the non-special braziers are making it through the poll judging by the current numbers, I seriously hope whatever rework they do for the rewards still involves some sort of perk for those of us who enjoy rcing outside the abyss.

16-Aug-2018 10:05:01

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I think this update sounds enjoyable enough. The idea of the quest and reward seems good, but the brazier options and their effects that are proposed after finishing the quest seem to have the community wanting something different.

I think some of these ideas sound great for stamina and prayer. I'm unsure about the resources braziers at the moment, but I'm not saying I'm against them. I don't think it would devalue chinchompas with the feldip hills location.

I think it's a great thing to make logs valuable again, and it finally gives redwood a chance to prove its value with the best offering for lit braziers. I think there could be a potential boss or new skilling area tied into this quest reward to offer a bit more.

I checked the voting booth and currently players want the new quest and some of the brazier ideas, but most of the braziers haven't passed the mark yet.

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TrimmedMage said:
So far the ideas are nice, I would really love to see a "Troll Boss" come from this, making troll tasks not so skippable anymore

This idea I agree with. Firemaking could be tied in to a niche boss.

Maybe like gargoyles, you would need something to finish off the troll and firemaking could play a part in this.

It sounds like players think firemaking has already been updated enough through the wintertodt minigame. So maybe adding a benefit to players with higher firemaking levels through a new niche boss may benefit those players that don't normally boss a lot.

Whatever the case, I think it's a shame to add a new area and not focus more on that. The brazier idea I am still okay with, but I think something better could be in place on the new troll zone.

19-Aug-2018 02:22:02

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