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Can we please change the pid so that the skill level takes priority over pid for stuff like mining and grabbing wine of zamorak's if one person clearly has a higher skill level than another? People have a drastically lower mining level than someone else shouldn't be able to out mine other people just because they got lucky with better pid. People who also just got 33 magic to do tele grab shouldn't automatically be on the same level as someone with 99 magic. They just learned the spell they shouldn't be able to out do someone with mastery with magic. Doing this would also combat botting heavily there as most bots won't have a high magic level and will almost always get out done by real people that have fleshed out accounts.

09-Aug-2018 20:44:20



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Loving the looting bag updates, I hope it will get rid of those pesky looting bots once and for all.

As for the pid change, I have one (major) problem with it, but I also have a solution I'd like to propose.
The problem
When pid is reassigned mid fight, this sometimes leads to a "pid swap stack'. If player one is using range to ags on player two, and between shooting the arrow and using the ags the pid changes from player two to player one, then the arrow and ags land on the exact same tick.
This pid swap stack is a "perfect" stack, meaning both hits are in the exact same tick.
Players can't eat against this, aside from just safing the entire fight, and it is impossible to predict.
This unfortunate side effect of pid changing takes a way part the skill in pking and bothers a lot of good pkers, especially in risk fights. It is as if your opponent can suddenly hit higher than they are supposed to be able to.
If this isn't clear, please reply and I will try to find a video of a pid swap stack compared to a regular stack to clarify.

The solution
Every time pid swaps players, the player who receives the pid is given a delay of one tick to their current cool down (the period between two hits), you change the attack speed temporarily. It would be similar to when you eat food which then prevents you from hitting your opponent for a few ticks.
This way the ags (in my example) would land one tick later than it would right now. Meaning it lands one tick after the arrow, as with a regular msb to ags stack.
If the player is simply shooting arrows and not about to ags, then the solution I propose will not have any negative consequences other than a temporary change in attack speed.

10-Aug-2018 00:46:46

Isla Fisher
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Isla Fisher

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The clue rewards shouldn't be made into a achievement gallery as it is too rng based to receive all the items on the clue scroll table e.g 3rd age sets + weapons and skilling items. they are already covered in the recent POH updates where you can place them in the chest.

If there is ever going to be a completionist list or reward, this would have to be on it or it wouldn't be completionist. I'm not saying this because buying the rewards and putting them in the POH makes it easier but because the drop rate for all these items is an unrealistic achievement for even the most dedicated players. I would have to of spent the last 7000 hours doing hard clues to achieve this.

10-Aug-2018 15:29:31

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