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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post, which can be found here.
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Superb update with the tax on staking.

Also found a small typo.

" Changes to Smite

The changes to Smite discussed in our PvP Changes and Upcoming Poll Blog have been made. You can now only be Smited in a single tick for an amount up to you current hitpoints. "
MP1 ... ?
Cancer Cure Hits the Market! Car-T Cells Youtube.
120 day life cycle of Cancer cells?

16-Aug-2018 11:03:58

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now this is the gold sink none of us care about and will only effect RWT. Someone with billions and billions on account don't need that much what you meant to buy??

Don't hit the real players of osrs. Hit these stakers as they the money cows of the game.

As for genuine players nows the time to leave the sand casino and leave to to real life gambling addicts.

Go train, pvm, pvp for your money and don't risk it


16-Aug-2018 11:27:38

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I thought we were supposed to see the ghostly robes thing added in the one that was polled to get multiple ones.?? It passed a poll when can we see it added ingame

16-Aug-2018 12:15:46

Il Own Il

Il Own Il

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i'm curious as why one of the top 10 posts on reddit for 2017 with 98% upvotes and 6k likes was ignored? which would have fixed inflation and removed trillions of gp from the game with no added items in game and zero developer time.

i am referencing the "100 trillion gp sink" on reddit btw

and on another note why are we only allowed to do stakes at the duel arena? why can't we have world wide duels?

16-Aug-2018 13:01:56

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16-Aug-2018 13:09:14

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