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Indeed, but RS3 has also had quite a head start on inflating its currency.

I'm trying to demonstrate a point about purchasing power. You can have the same amount of gold as you had a year back squirreled away in your bank, but if inflation runs unchecked, it does a lot less for you, like how grandparents say they could buy a burger for a nickel when they were kids. It wasn't that burgers were that much cheaper (in fact I'm certain they must be way cheaper to produce now), it was that a nickel was worth a lot more.

17-Aug-2018 01:28:10

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My favorite part of this update is the elimination of those scamming "odds stakers" who have 98 in all stats and think that entitles them to stake 10% less against the average maxed player.

18-Aug-2018 11:55:46

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This has impacted the items on the GE very heavily. items such as Elysian have dropped about 150m in a short duration. This gold sink is impacting a lot of players and not in a good way.

Players with small banks will gain value and the players who already earned large banks will have theirs cut by a good 10-20% due to this update. By no means is this fair at all.

I greatly enjoyed watching players like Sparc Mac go for plantations of items by only staking item for item. Now, we no longer can stake items that many enjoyed doing. We are forced to go to the GE to sell items if we wish to stake and also take a guranteed loss on the stake if we win. I don't see this solving any of the X staking issues and will implement a trust trading system. Following trust trading, Jagex will revert to the trade limits like they did before when this became a problem and it will cause a riot once again which will result in trade again.

There is a history of bad changes like this causing issues and ultimately being reversed later as it will impact their player base and company income.

Jagex, I love the game and have played since release but this is not a healthy move for the longevity of the community

19-Aug-2018 02:37:19

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HarvestWhale said:
Now I have to stop playing or kill npcs for money like an autist. Great.

Or go back to merching you slaves.

I sincerely hope this is sarcasm, but you're a moron regardless for using "Autist" that way. >_>

Some of us actually have autism, and you throwing that word around like a racial slur is not cool, man.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Oh, I already forgot.

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A tax is only half a solution. The real solution would be stop GP coming into the game as much in the first place.

Remove low and high alchemy and inflation would probably slow or stop, maybe even reverse.

Of course then you would need an item sink to somehow remove the items which used to be high alched.

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I donít see any problem with the taxing, itís a good idea. How ever donít make the stake amounts to be equal wager, I build my account around a low combat level but too do quite well in the arena, I am happy to risk different amounts to others if I think I am with a good chance Boxing whip

21-Sep-2018 09:09:26

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