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Jagex, with all due respect, in my opinion I think these updates are a waste of time. the main thing you guys should fix on mobile is so we can view the required runes for spells in the spellbooks!!!!!!!!!!! this HAS to be fixed. its my BIGGEST issue. other than that im loving mobile!

23-Aug-2018 22:15:55

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Re-balancing the drop table of monster that drop limpwurts is entirely different than removing limpwurt drops altogether... I understand that limpwurts were practically worthless because of how many monsters dropped them, and at the quantity that they dropped them, but this is entirely overkill. Limiting the drop to ~5 and introducing seed drops to those monsters would have been a more appropriate solution to increasing the value of limpwurts, without causing them to be a scarcity. This heavily affects ironmen (which already have a difficult time obtaining limpwurts as was, it was the hardest secondary to come by for us...). I hope the drop rate for the seeds is at least greater than what the drop rate for the limpwurts was. I rarely disagree with your changes that are targeted to prolong the integrity of the game, but this is one that I definitely do not agree with.

23-Aug-2018 22:18:49



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My thoughts on limpwurts:
1. Balancing was needed. Skilling resources should come primarily from skilling, not bossing.
2. Nerfing limpwurt drops was not in the poll but there was also no mention that this was an unpolled balancing update.
3. I agree with Such--while a nerf was certainly necessary, the applied nerf might have been overkill. Replacing some root drops with seeds while keeping others as roots but lowering the amount dropped probably would have been better.
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24-Aug-2018 00:09:23

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I updated the osrs mobile app on android and when I try to login I get connection lost, it logs me out and gives me a message saying "malformed login packet, please try again." Is there a way to make it so that doesn't happen and I can login and play. Or is it something to do with the update?

24-Aug-2018 01:09:08

Trip Machine
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Trip Machine

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Thanks for the update Jagex, but there's an issue that me and some friends are having with both the official client and 3rd party clients with the advanced options menu. When enabling or disabling "Side-panels...", in the chat box we get the message, "This option is currently unavailable.". Also, the advanced options setting "Stats panel shows XP to next level" is reversed. Meaning if you turn this OFF (Not red) it shows the XP when you hover over any of your stats in the stats panel and when you turn it ON (Red) it does not show the XP to your next level.


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E X O D l A
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E X O D l A

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Hello my name is E x o d l a. I've noticed a recent update has caused certain books have lost their stall animation to prevent people from being lured outside safe zones. I do believe this was a big problem and i'm glad it has been fixed. However, this update also caused certain spells like charge/flames of zamorak to lose their stall animation aswell. I'm a foz/fire wave obby ingame which means that I pk with flames of zammy into obby maul. This flames of zammy into obby maul caused a beautifull delay/stall.( use flames of zammy walk back on minimap and attack with obby maul). It's one of the main reasons why I created this account in the first place. I am aware that the charge spell on it's own could still lure people out of banks but what i'm asking for if it's possible to reinstall the delay/stall for the flames of zamorak spell alone or godspells in general cause it can't be abused to lure/scam people outside safe zones. I'm not expecting much but I hope a jmod reads this and can reply to this;



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Jagex, I have noticed since this new update that the odd time i log in and the "welcome to runescape" page shows up, i cannot click anything to advance that screen on my mobile LG G6 on Android.

This is especially a harmful bug when i am doing slayer in the wilderness and simply cannot do anything other than close the application, leaving me logged on and vulnerable to the environment (PKers or monsters). Please fix this bug!

28-Aug-2018 18:13:16

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