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This thread is for discussing the latest news post which can be found here.
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So, its unfair for a team to unload spec on a player, but its totally fair to make it so ironmen CANT attack back while in the wild? I dont care about their loot, i want to be able to defend myself while in the wild so i dont loose my stuff. #StandYourGround

30-Aug-2018 11:35:42

Il Own Il

Il Own Il

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coding for spec nerf has affected weapons differently than described in update. it has definilty glitched the gmaul and other weapons. where it will dead click and prevent you from insta spec'ing. also unable to do full specs.

30-Aug-2018 12:35:20



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its a crock of sh*t that you pick and choose who you want to test the beta. I missed the first string of invites however many months ago, now i signed up for it at the exact minute the link was posted, and didn't get one. Totally seems fair :@

30-Aug-2018 15:07:04

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