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Ye Olde Ned
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Ye Olde Ned

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cvaH said:
Your killing the wilderness along with the passionate player base that plays within it.

are you serious? get out of here with that crap. all they did was fix the special attack thing that allows big groups to kill a player without that player being able to fight back. how is this killing the wilderness? If anything it makes the wilderness better.

31-Aug-2018 03:22:27

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It's not Jagex's fault that you IOS plebs limit yourself (just like ironmen do) to a phone that is difficult to develop for and unable to do mass beta testing unlike Android. Want mobile? Go buy a $150 tablet! Not willing to pay for that? Wait another 3 months max and you'll get the full release. Mobile is definitely worth it!

31-Aug-2018 14:16:23

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With the special att update, did u guys ask the community before making this change? I am dissapointed. I have nothing to say if a poll says it to change, but this affects so many players and i feel many people’s voice not valued. PJ is part of wildy life, wildy is supposed to be dangerous?! Why prevent it in all possible ways? And how many people agree with you? Most people don’t like pk probably never go to wildy. Perhaps you didn’t do a poll because u know it probably won’t pass.

31-Aug-2018 20:51:20

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