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Whos House

Whos House

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What vlanessa and other players suggested is the only way The Nexus Update will make any sense at all.

The point is to reduce the amount of real estate the current portal rooms require?

1. If you have all the portals available in order to host a world 30 "max house"... it costs roughly 65M just for the PORTAL FRAMES to be all in marble.

No one in their right mind is going to enjoy deleting 65M worth of decorative property in their poh. They'll just add another room that's the nexus room. Furthermore, just like vlanessa said, it won't be significantly faster/more efficient with a right click interface as suggested. So you'd be killing old content without actually making it work any better. In fact, arguably worse since its right click and not left click.
So instead, making the object (scrying portal/teleport focus) that is in the middle of portal rooms capable of the nexus portal concept would be better.

Right now: scrying portals are useful for what? Seeing if anyone is out and about in pvp worlds? That's a pretty expensive, hardly useful piece that you pretty much wont be sharing with any other players since its a pvp world. Giving it nexus abilities gives it value. otherwise, its just blocks pathing to the portal teleports, imo.

2. If you're making the xeric's talisman and digiste pendant available, should other players really be even be ALLOWED ACCESS to that content without completing the requirements?

A) acquiring a digsite pendant is a pain. doing all the work to obtain the clean necklace shouldn't be discounted by the fact that you can hop over to world 30, and teleport to the digsite. not to mention digsite teleport scrolls..... tank their price much?

B) same for xeric's talisman. i've acquired several on pures and limited characters. its can be a long process with 1 defence. the effort shouldn't be discounted by the fact you can use someone else's. i thought teleporting around Zeah was a pain for a REASON.

29-Sep-2018 10:37:39

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