Master Clue Reward and QoL

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clue rewards in general need a work before anything. Its all so useless makes the pointless doing now not like back in the day.

Good for people who have grafted for the 3rd age for nothing at least they have a cosmetic item.

I personally feel cosmetics don't mean nothing in this age. Nobody cares ( my opinion) Like castle wars and the armour I wouldn't look twice if someone walked past me in this. Maybe this should have an emote idk

The shortcut for shantay pass is the star for me here. Hate running all the way round, and anything that makes diaries worth doing is always a great plus :D

Also grats on everyone getting the KQ head to pass it was a close call, but I feel with that KC you should have diaries done. For people moaning about already having it, it was same with house favour etc. Needed to be done.

Cant wait for nexus ( ill only have teleports I aint got, wont spend again just for teleports I already have id rather run extra 5 secs aha) and the old wise man update :D

Hope we can colour our POH walls purple this hween event, been waiting foreverrrrrrrrrrr

Tradeable rares? More news

Good job jagex

04-Oct-2018 11:43:35

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Latest update made the 'Fixed size' gameplay window broken, if you play via browser.
1cm cut off from bottom side of the window and some from the right side.

Yea, ikr - use client or 3rd party client, but meh - is this a known issue? did report a bug also.

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In order not to be totally OT - the update was nice, despite the KQ head update. Especially love the shortcut :)
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Oh and by the way. What about the new tutorial message. Is it correct for mobile users because it says please tap the chat bar at the bottom.
Will it say the top for mobile?
Might look odd otherwise

05-Oct-2018 13:23:02

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I honestly have to say that everytime i see a 'quality of life' update, I get excited.

Although i only have 1 master clue completed, I am sure it would feel amazing to equip the master scroll sack when i complete the other 99 scrolls haha!

15-Oct-2018 04:55:30

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