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For the Kebos diary, why aren't the elite reqs 90rc and 93 smithing. Crafting soul runes and making the highest tier Shayzien armour are things that can only done in Kourend.

Looking forward to the Lowlands!

10-Oct-2018 19:29:23

9 Gauge

9 Gauge

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Looks awesome guys! My biggest input is to change the gloves drop to a barrows gloves addons, that is untradeable. This will make sure that the RFD grind is not devalued in anyway, as well as make it a more rewarding upgrade when you do finally get it. It will also ensure that this piece of content stays relevant, as everybody will have to partake if they want BIS melee.

10-Oct-2018 19:32:12

Sir Doland
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Sir Doland

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xyujah said:
For the Kebos diary, why aren't the elite reqs 90rc and 93 smithing

Probably because there are already a fair amount of requirements in the 90+. Adding more might just be harsh.

Fair point about the Shayzien armour though, this diary lacks smithing and I would absolutely support adding it to the medium or hard segment.


I'm concerned about the celastrus tree. Do we really need that? Maybe if the PVM influx of battlestaves was to be nerfed it could be rebalanced around that. I'm voting no unless further details are provided.

I would like to cut the brimstone ring stats in half BUT allow it to be imbued. Mostly for consistency (people are going to ask for consistency post-release anyway).

Finally, in my opinion the ferocious gloves should require RFD in one way or another.

10-Oct-2018 19:41:10 - Last edited on 10-Oct-2018 20:05:12 by Sir Doland

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-Can you make the ferocioud gloves an attachment to barrows gloves

-Can you change the Kourend Woodlands teleport on the blessing to a Watson teleport

-Can you add a hunter requirement to the new diary? Currently you only need 66 hunter to get a diary cape and this makes no sense. May I suggest psykk bats in raids for 90 hunter, or the new aerial fish at 87 hunter

-Can you make the dragon hunter lance an attachment to the dragon hasta instead of zammy hasta

10-Oct-2018 21:33:59

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Voting yes to everything honestly except the new BiS melee gloves. Ferocious gloves need to be made an attachment to barrows glove, or have the drop be a tradeable item that you take to an npc inside the myths guild to craft/smith into gloves.

Seriously listen to the feedback of your players.
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11-Oct-2018 04:36:40

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Thoughts on the diary
As someone who enjoys diaries immensely and who's primary objective in the game was to complete all of them for a long time
I'd just want to say that imo crafting a blood rune should be a hard requirement, and crafting a soul rune an elite requirement.
Currently you need 91 rc for karamja elite anyway so only having to craft a blood rune would be somewhat underwhelming.

Also, catching a Greater Siren (new fish/hunter technique, requires 91 fishing and 87 hunter) should also be an elite task
Again, you already need 96 fishing for morytania elites
but none of the current diaries require any effort in terms of hunter. In fact, hunter is the skill you can have the lowest level in out of all in order to get a diary cape (69)
Adding this would bump up that hunter req quite nicely.

It could be argued that if these are added, the diary gets too high requirements, but I'd say
1) the diary should be hard
2) most of thes skills are easy to train, apart from rc and slayer maybe
3) if having both 95 slayer and 90rc as requirement I'd rather let go of the 95 slayer req since kandarin elites already require 93 slayer and yes, I hear you say "karamja already requires 91 rc" but if having to choose between the two, Zeah runecrafting is a big part of zeah and having already the blood rune requirement, having the soul rune requirement too would be a natural follow up.

Someone also suggested 93 smithing req via smithing Shayizen armour, which I thought sounded really good as well.

11-Oct-2018 06:49:35

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Thoughts on slayer and farming
Right after diaries, my two biggest passions are farming and slayer (a multitude of daily herbruns, untrimmed slayer cape).
First of all, all of this sounds hella exciting and I only have a couple of concerns:

-Anima patch seeds being untradeable. One of the Anima patch growables (once its figured out which is the best) will be a requirement to do efficient farmruns in future, adding to the length of your farm(/herb)run if you have to take care of it as well. If now the seeds arent tradeable you'd also have to farm the boss for seeds. Herbruns just got extended by the herb patch in Weiss, next we're getting yet another patch in the farming guild... I'd rather not be in a situation where a simple herbrun takes 20+minutes (team also has talked it wants to avoid dailyscape).

-Ferocious gloves: They are purely offensive, they have no def stats, so why on earth would they be the only/first item in OSRS to be tier80 defence? Requiring lvl80 attack would make more sense to me, even if gloves being the first t80 item still seems weird, especially while we have some gear that is so much more powerful in contrast but for some reason still only t75.
Also I like my barrows gloves and I'm not a fan at all of devaluing quests

Global loot table: Slayer being as popular and profitable as it is I do not believe the global loot table to boost profits is necessary whatsoever. The dragon hasta sounds good (even though I think it ought to have no negative def stats: rune hasta has negative, zammy hasta positive -> dragon could be in the middle with neither?) and would boost profits & getting one would be exciting, but additional stuff would be way overkill.

Alchemical Hydra: Hydras being a Konar only task is fine and makes sense, but if one has bosstasks unlocked, it'd be very weird and also frustrating if still only Konar could assign you Hydra bosstasks. No other boss works in this way and this would isolate Zeah content further from the main

11-Oct-2018 07:02:47

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-The dragonhunter lance: it seems very powerful, but I would rather the % dmg dealt to dragons nerfed than the offensive stats of the zammy hasta. Otherwise someone might be required to have both the lance and the Zamorakian hasta, which I think would be beside the point. The lance, being an upgrade from the hasta, should be as powerful as the hasta in normal situations and better against dragons. 20% might be overkill, 15% might be enough.

-Aerial fishing: sounds hecking dope, love the Tench. (please add the siren to diary reqs)

11-Oct-2018 07:13:25

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