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Great update from what I can see. Love the rewards for most of these items. I'm not sure why players are harping on about power creep. I can't see any items that have been as powerful as toxic blowpipe or twisted bow. It reminds me of the time we were at wyrm stage in rs or jadinko lair. These drops suit the high level slayer requirements, and the polls show they'll certainly pass.

As for players saying you as a team don't care, what a load of hog wash. These guys show us the code in their update log for crying out load. Of course they care, and it's very interesting to see the amount of code that goes into these updates.

In regards to players saying it'll ruin the economy, are you serious? None of the updates yet have ruined the economy. As for a money sink, I agree at some point the team will need to consider ways for money sink on bosses. But hold off on the critiscism for now. Vorkath has a 100k money sink and I've died quite easily on lag. Who's to say they won't have money sink in future for hydra boss for private room or to get your items back?

The team haven't gone into the full detail yet.

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The Mayor

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Hello there

I believe there's a lack of information in the poll question regarding Ferocious gloves being added to the game. It only states that they have to "be taken to Erdan within the Myths Guild to be repaired", to players that have completed Dragon Slayer 2 this obviously means you have to have DS2 completed, but i'd be willing to bet the majority of players don't know that requires DS2. I doubt it would have received as many votes as it has had the information been stated clearly.

For this reason I believe the vote on that question is flawed, and should be re-run for an accurate vote clearly stating (Dragon Slayer 2 completion required).

The Mayor

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As usual, I will vote no to anything that might make existing game any easier (such as increasing efficiency/BIS/afking). Unless there is strong reason to do otherwise.

Hmm, what if they made a game mode where the updates never made anything easier. Could be applied to current ironman modes, those are the sorts of players who want "harder" game.

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Is the chance to catch 2 fish only possible while wearing the blessing? That would be good so we can easily choose when we want the effect because the bonus fish does not give exp.

17-Oct-2018 14:43:44

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ok where is my Halloween event wtf rs3s has been out for while now and we still haven't even seen nor heard what ours will even be can we please get one before Halloween is over I realy enjoy the events always have please ash tell me theres one coming and I know this is in the wrong place but all anyone can talk about is warding so I put it here so people would see it please please give us a Halloween event plz! and ty warding looks great aswell as the rest of the updates

17-Oct-2018 22:21:11

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Dear Mod Ayiza, unrelated to the topic but still Critically important to me and potentially the staff of jagex, whilst browsing youtube earlier today i was given an advertisement by a rs gold selling site. i was shocked and appalled they'd make their actions so public and felt obligated to inform you in case no one has already publically acknowledged this event. The site in question is [link url=][/link] and expressed marketing of their gold selling services on rs3 as well as old school runescape with competing prices with that of the official marketplace. I fear this site will continue to undermine the in-game economy and make it continually harder for players to enjoy the game for what it is. It's extremely important to me that all such sites are "eliminated" so to speak. so i felt it only right to inform someone anyway i could, customer support doesn't have any direct link for me to contact someone in relation to the issue of gold selling sites so this felt like the most direct way to get in touch. I sincerely hope this message reaches you and the actions of this site are subsequently abolished. The audacity to pay for online advertisement on a site such as youtube made me feel sick to my core and i hope there's something the team at jagex can do to remove this type of solicitation and undermining of jagex's revenue and online community. Yours Truly - The vine guy. This game is my childhood and my way to
run and escape

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