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Monte Diablo
Oct Member 2013

Monte Diablo

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If I'm not mistaken, today the PvP world rotation was supposed to change back to world 25. This has not happened (yet at least). I hope it does as I was really looking forward to killing some players tonight.

On another note, just add another PvP server so everyone can participate in player killing activities each week please? Or just remove the rotation of PvP worlds, the amount of pkers there is much lower on world 24 weeks than it is on world 25 weeks.


01-Nov-2018 14:39:02



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Hi there,
I logged in into the iOS app and got back to tutorial island with all levels reset!
What's going on?
I'm 138 combat, 2165 total.
Thank you!

Juan Carlos---
»———/ Ooxine /———>

13-Nov-2018 18:03:59



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I am interested in knowing if there was going to be another skills reset soon for those players that are inactive, old-school mobile just was released and was just wondering if there was a planned reset

22-Nov-2018 13:39:46

Nov Member 2018


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Hi Oxine

its a different version of the game than runescape3.

if you haven't played the classic version of the game you'll start from the beginning.

Jagex you guys have done a wounderful job of the mobile version me and 6 of my friends have all got back into it since the mobile release!

23-Nov-2018 10:29:04

Port Sarim

Port Sarim

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I'm loving it :) i quit playing runescape for a long time until the mobile app came back. I do find it is a major battery drain though The heart of all trades and transportation since 2001.

25-Nov-2018 14:40:10

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