POH Portals and DHCB Recolour

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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post which can be found here.
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Nice update team; looking forward to mole being decent profit again, I really hope this poll works out in favor of. Mole has become horrible gp :( Also the map of Gielinor looks amazing thanks lads
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15-Nov-2018 11:35:24

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Did the amount of teleport's the portal nexus holds increase from 15 - 18 ? at max build level.

This was designed to be a one stop portal room with "every" teleport location.

1st Level = 4
2nd Level = 8
3rd Level = 15

Will these numbers be reworked so we get more at each level or at the very least all 18 at top level?

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I'm curious about these workshops - is it a matter of players traveling and meeting in a physical location over the course of a few days to discuss everything, or would it be more like a one-time online group chat sort of deal? Are we expecting a huge number of attendees for these events, or would it be on a smaller scale? These seem like a wonderful way to engage with the community, to voice our thoughts and concerns, and I hope they'll be a success; I'm certainly in!

15-Nov-2018 14:48:17

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I fully support reducing the number of empty nests obtained from bird houses. But please don't change the number of seed/ring/clue nests you get from bird houses. I would like this to still be a viable method of obtaining tree seeds on Ironman.

15-Nov-2018 14:50:20

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