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iron pax
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iron pax

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Hopeless update ,

You released dead content in birdhouses -> then you update it , make it suuuuper op and broken so you can say SEE WE FIXED OUR MISTAKE , then it scattershots the entire game cause none of you think beyond the initial update (which is proven constantly with dead content updates) .

you ruined birdhouses, but by removing it from all the drop tables you are reverting back to mole being crowded, and a gigantic time waste for high end ironmens, there is so many monsters that drop toadflax seeds, but its impossible to grind the nest yet again ,

The ONLY reason you are "trying" to "fix" this is cause you believe that for some reason the saradomin brew HAS to be 8-10k , which none of the players think .. its a marked value made up in devs heads.

its a absolutely stupid and pointless update. (you are basically stepping in your own dung)

19-Nov-2018 11:33:17

Nov Member 2017


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I enjoy the fact that Jagex is worried about the prices of one potion. Lets be real here, The prices of almost anything and everything has been effected due to the Grand Exchange. If your so worried about the prices and game Integrity than why not poll the removal of the GE?

19-Nov-2018 16:07:03

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