Bird Nest Balancing and PvP

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I agree with this so much. I thought that when they said they were to reduce nests that they would just remove the non seed nests and leave us with the same amount of seeded nests
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28-Nov-2018 08:16:59

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Support for g-maul nerf.. had this for a long time comming..its ridiculous how a tier 50 weapon is considerably stronger than tier 60 weapons and comparable to the strongest KO potential weapons in the game (AGS). That was an absolute joke and obviously broken.. thanks for the rebalancing jagex.. and for those people crying over it, why not go actually learn to pk.. instead of waiting for a lucky 1tick K0.
The sad thing is they're ranting not because of the nerf.. but because they can't abuse an obvious broken weapon anymore..well.. unless they actually use the gmaul like any other spec weapon..
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29-Nov-2018 02:20:41

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Emperor Dupe said:
" Anglerfish

Anglerfish no longer overheal if the player is in the Wilderness or on a PvP or BH world AND has been in combat or recently attacked a player (within the last 10 seconds). "

How come in Multi?

So the G-maul fiasco is over?

So, if anglerfish no longer over-heal in the above mentioned situations, why did my one anglerfish not give me extra hit points when I already had full hit points, as I consumed it on a regular world before commencing my cave horror slayer task?

I had no idea what happened. I normally eat an anglerfish before I start a task, just for a bit of advantage. I had only one fish with me, and at first I checked my pack to make certain I had actually eaten it. Then, I wondered if I had accidentally dropped it.
It wasn't until I got on this forum, that I began to suspect this was the result of an unfair and unexpected change in anglerfish properties. Not a nice trick to play on us.

So, now, tell me: what use is the anglerfish, now?

By the way, I don't pk, and I don't do Bounty Hunter, except for once to get a symbol for my iron woman. I never visit high risk worlds; ever.
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30-Nov-2018 16:04:28

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I am very disappointed with the pvp and bh updates.

I'll write more on this later, but for now I want to point out that spec tabbing, rushing, pjing, etc so called "dishonorable" pking methods have always been part of the game and honestly are only a big problem insofar as the targets of such methods are 1 defense pures, which, granted, make up an enormous majority of player account builds.

As someone who's made several 1-defense pures in my time playing this game, I've always recognized the risk of getting quickly destroyed while standing idly in open space. Pure making has been internalized to such an extent that nobody really pays attention to the combat triangle anymore. Nobody thinks hitting a 20 with Rune scimitar at 49 combat is eye-catching at all anymore. Then the complaints about "overpowered" weaponry come.

So Bounty Hunters in BH worlds, the vast majority of them 1-defense pures, often either deal with it and continue making millions off of the game anyway (which many do), or they will constantly complain that they aren't getting the kills they want cleanly and easily. They literally feel that it should be another duel arena.

There is a peculiar entitlement to the kill, if you like, going on here. So many people would prefer fundamental mechanics changed as long as it cripples "undesirable" pking styles. I find this not only selfish but downright inconsiderate of the consequences.

I've been thinking about solutions to mend this. And seeing as the overall player-versus-player population in OSRS is not very high, or at least not as high as old times, I've been thinking about a proper BH arena somewhere in the wildy itself, sort of a throwback to the 2008 BH Crater, but not as far up, imo. I want to write more on this later. But it's just something that came to mind. Maybe they'd have to cross Edgeville and walk to it, and Edgeville will have pkers and stuff....

I believe someone mentioned fixing the pools as well. idk

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Since this update, my device (Samsung Galaxy J5 2016) har been incompatible with the osrs app. Android version is 7.1.1, and I had no problems until this update. Myself and others have this problem and brought it to the attention of Jagex over a month ago, and the reply was that he/she would bring it to the team. Could you please provide good customer service for your playerbase and fix it? No point in releasing it on mobile if you aren't gonna fix a problem causing players to not be able to use it anyways.

28-Dec-2018 06:55:11

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