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Miss Prez
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Miss Prez

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I don't understand why ironmans couldn't just right click on an item they have on a npc to update their log?? If they have the item; they obviously got that drop. ^^ Couldn't the npc/game check if they're an ironman and update that players log?

Sorry, I'm no coder and I am confused by this. Please respond :)

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Why do simple changes take sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long around this joint to be corrected?

W-H-Y ....... ?

" Anti-spam Change to Rev Caves Entrance

Players are now prevented from spamming the entrance/exit to the Revenant caves to avoid PKers. This applies to all game modes and will not be restricted to Deadman.
MP1 ... ?
Cancer Cure Hits the Market! Car-T Cells Youtube.

06-Dec-2018 11:12:55

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The revenant cave teleport scroll used to teleport the player to the lower wildy level entrance. Can we get the option to teleport to either the north or southern entrance with the scroll? (Right click option) You. Yes, Me. Me, Me, Me. Me Too.

06-Dec-2018 11:16:49

The Munk
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The Munk

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yeah, as an end-game ironman I'm disappointed with the collectors log. There are drops I've got that I've no plans to get again, and like Miss Prez said above, if you have the item as an ironman you had to get it for yourself, and not just buy it.

So, for ironmen (and regulars too but I understand you probably won't have kept records of previous drops for every player), the collector's log is scuffed.

For newer players yet to progress, it's good though.

06-Dec-2018 11:20:39

12x frcw9x
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12x frcw9x

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Will the blast furnace pump ever be patched? There is over 100 accounts in w319 pumping at blast furnace for 12k strength xp without hp per hour afk. This is considerably faster than any other method for the strength level requirement and other skill level requirements.

This method has become popular since Kempq made a video about the method.

I don't think it should be patched completely, However before the blast furnace worlds with dwarfs update only one person could be on a pump at a time.

Currently over a 100 people can be pumping at once, with one person filling the stove.

06-Dec-2018 11:22:30

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