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This thread is to discuss the revised version of the Kebos poll blog that includes Konar's loot table and can be found here.
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18-Jan-2019 17:18:44

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Why is fish the only thing scaled to level? Why not make the ore and seeds scale based on farming and mining? Also, is the fish raw or cooked?

Overall, these look like good updates.


18-Jan-2019 18:17:32

mr heck
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mr heck

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Is there any particular reason we are or are not seeing any poll/discussions in relation to Dragon Hunter Lance at this time?

I understand its good in some situations already but the current state is its seems very lackluster in comparison to DHCB at about everything but rune drags and olm hand

18-Jan-2019 18:23:51

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Why would you remove voting on the instanced aerial, noted bones, and respawn mechanic? Is that not the ENTIRE point of the polling system is to get the ENTIRE communities opinion instead of the top reddit posts and popular streamers opinions? I'm not even saying we should have all of those, but from a consistency point of view, shouldn't those be polled? Removing them from the poll is literally removing the communities voice, which was the entire basis of old school. We are straying away from a true democratic system and falling into an unelected republic where big names make decisions for the majority.

I love you, the staff, and I love this game. This post may sound like I'm just complaining to complain. But I genuinely care about the longevity of this game. Also, this is my opinion. Feel free to disagree. It just seems inconsistent to me.

Also, what if you slightly increased the hydra bone exp, gave it the noted drop, but only 1 bone per drop? That's my suggestion for that, but either way, let the community vote.

18-Jan-2019 20:44:24

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The bone whip seems so clumsy of an item addition. Despite it falling between the tent ship and reg whip it will inevitably still devalue kraken tentacles over time. I do not personally like this suggestion, and would be interested to see other designed uses for the hydra tail. The ammo slot bonecrusher isn't bad... you are just trying to save the hydra tail from falling dramatically, not devalue other top level content in the game.

I would like to see the hydra tail as a enhancement for the dragon hasta (which should also be added to the alchemical hydra's drop table in an unbroken form) I would like to see this enhancement to remove all negative defensive bonuses, and maybe add a little bit of offensive bonuses. The dragon hasta was dead content upon release, with the upgrades for the z spear to be upgraded further. This still wouldn't make the dragon hasta anything special, except as a mid-tier dragon killing weapon. I wouldn't see this devaluing Z spears or the new dragon hunter lance at all since those are far superior. This should stabilize the dragon hasta and the hydra tail to not be dead content.
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18-Jan-2019 23:12:51

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Why not offer the Bone whip as a level 80 Attack weapon, with greater bonuses than those offered by the Abyssal tentacle, perhaps with unique advantages and disadvantages, a passive Prayer-related effect, a toggle-able function that enables it to automatically loot bones into the player's inventory, or even the ability to use bones of slain opponents on it to improve the weapon in some way?

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7th Reign
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7th Reign

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what woud make more sense is using tail on a different weapon t70 that which would make a new degradable t75 and 10k hits weapon. with tail kept on full degrade.

or even adding it to an armor and making that 10k hits received degrade with tail kept on full degrade. that would be very inovative.

but the current proposal is problematic for tents and whips alike. do something creative instead of giving us another whip which adds nothing to the game.

19-Jan-2019 02:01:06

Best DaddyNA
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Best DaddyNA

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Is there a way to up the buckets of sand drop since that is super boring to collect for crafting xp. Also is it possible to add volcanic ash to the drop table for monsters inside the new dungeon? seems to be a fitting place and mining ash for hours on end is very tedious and boring.

On a side note, is it possible to add new tablets to the game? like a high alchemy table, superheat tablet, maybe some lunar magic tablets and so on? would make it possible to skill or do combat related things on more diverse school of magic.

19-Jan-2019 03:42:13

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