QoL Month Poll: Re-runs

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A spell like "sandstorm" should be expensive (requiring runes and possibly cash?) and hidden behind high requirements to unlock. Lazy bankstanders should pay for the privilege.

I like the idea of a grinding machine. How about putting in a construction hotspot and allowing each player to build a sandstone grinding machine for themself using their smithing/crafting/construction skills? Rather than paying an NPC a cash cost to operate it, they could fuel it up with enough logs/coal to operate it for a few hours, with higher construction levels requiring less fuel.

17-Feb-2019 01:24:07

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If you look at the polls and check how many people are actually voting vs how many players there are in the community the numbers are low itís almost like the poll needs to be reworked to where we have more community engagement itís depressing to see people voting no to divine itís a classic shield many people would love to see back in the game but it isnít going to pass once again for whatever reason itís being voted no. I think a live q & a needs to be done to see how we get more community involvement into the polls or voting or a whole new system it would be great to see but guess the ole divine wonít make it back into the game ever at this rate even though itís been close to passing both times just super unfortunate.

19-Feb-2019 17:04:22

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